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Starfire Bodypaint Animation

#starfire birth of venus :D

Please feel free to share around and repost wherever ^^
This is copy pasta and I am not on Deviant art much #adultlife , but please know I am on the INTERNET, online 8-16 hours a day wanting to answer your questions and interact with you~ I am just on a different site :D
My #bodypaint #painting takes 12-14 hours and I stream them live and chat on #twitch creative. I am here to support anyone that may want a platform to share their creative process. :) I am a full time creative streamer and am nearly always on if you would like to ask questions or wanna just chill in a positive place and play games :D

:star: Just incase any of you are considering streaming on please know that you have the kaypikefashion channel here for support! :floating: AS LONG as YOU are a decent person that doesn't take advantage of others, we have got your back.:floating: Consider streaming, it's been so good for me and those around me. Imagine making a difference in peoples lives by sharing the art you already love to do <3 Please hit me up on with any questions or concerns. :teevee:
if anyone wants high res for sharing or use in media projects contact me @ anything you like
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when I stumbled on the thumbnail, I thought it was an animated 3D model trying to emulate a comic book style but then after I clicked on it I couldn't believe it was a real human being. Then I thought maybe it was skin tight fabric printed to look that way but its actually body paint! totally amazing, you blew my mind, incredible work.
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I've never seen anything like this. Truly you do some awe inspiring work, if it were just a still image I don't know if I'd be able to discern that it's a live person, your attention to detail is that immersive. 
AmethystDraft's avatar
Green makeup on the eyelids is pretty clever.
Keyshe54's avatar
It's amazing seeing you bring these character to life!
PJToon75's avatar
She looks gorgeous. Amazing work.
Faithfeather's avatar
straight out of the comics :3
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Eric-S-Huffman's avatar
WOW you ARE Princess Koriand'r !
Unicron9's avatar
Wow! that's awesome!
shyninjaneko's avatar
You are just so amazing and inspiring! This is a gorgeous starfire. Keep up the awesome work!!
JamsinE85's avatar
You're always gorgeous.
Powerfulgirl10's avatar
That is so pretty.
phraught's avatar
I think this is one of your best yet.
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Wow, this is awesome! I love the green you used on the lids and the contrast of the floaty hair against the body paint. Very nice placement on the parts of her costume/uniform/purple thing Sorry, I don't know what it's called
Kitaronicus's avatar
Wow! The hair blowing really makes it!
TheLastVirtuaroid's avatar
This is awesome!!!!
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That looks amazing  :faint:
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