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Red Wolf Hoodie

This was the hoodie that nommed up my May commission slot :3
It started as a simple red wolf hoodie with custom ears. But then The client gave me permission to fancy it up!
I went nuts trying to figure out how to "paint" with boiling hot dyes and bleach, and I did it! It has many subtle textures and colour varients to look super natural and fur like :3

This hoodie has some cool features:

  • Custom Over-sized Hood Unique hood shape, with a bulky "fur-mane" look as wolves have large round heads :)

  • Painted details Fabric Paint detailed fur markings in brown, gold, grey and black

  • Concaving Ear design Ears tilt forward, do not follow the seam of the hat, and have dimension and realistic shape.

  • Gradient dyed "fur" Intense hand painted dye, whites creams, golds, browns and blacks all fading into one another for an organic "fur" look

  • Detachable Tail Thrown in for fun!

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Im super interested in getting a hoodie like this! how much would it cost to have a hoodie made just like this but slightly bigger ears and more of a reddish orange color? :D 
are these available for purchase?
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How could I get one? 
RedArticWolf's avatar
This is beautiful, I love red wolves :) 
I wonder how much a jacket like this would cost? It has amazing art and designs.
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Now I know what I want for my Birthday...
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I'm a big fan of your work, and this is honestly one of your best ones. This is ridiculously realistic and beautiful. It's insane.
I actually posted a forum about a hoodie commission, but no one has commented yet.

I was wondering if you could take a look at it?…

It would be pretty similar in form to this, but MUCH easier. I know it's a long read, but if you can take the time to look and give your thoughts, I'd really appreciate it!
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Like it very much, so I could use one in gray. with detachable tail.
Do you still make these? If so how much for a black one with grey and white?
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Do u still make these there so gorgeous * squeals* I would wear it every where :3
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Do you still make these??? How much do you charge?
Inoue-Hatsuharu's avatar
I can kiss my pay-check goodbye
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So gorgeous and unique, great job.
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XDDD This was made for me, LOL
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Do you do these with zippers?
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Hi there,

I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but is this hoodie available for anyone to buy, or was it just a single custom-make for one person? I absolutely adore it and would love to buy it! Same goes for the custom Raccoon hoodie. ^_^
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I'd love to commission you, but I guess you don't do them? :D
lonewolfalphawolf's avatar
how can i get one !!
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The colour on this is just AMAZING, you did a freaking awesome job! I bet your customer was thrilled with the outcome!
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