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Cute Black Dragon Hoodie

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ORDER HERE WITH THIS LINK! we ship worldwide

This Hoodie was commissioned off of a sketch by *cheshirepanda and is incredibly time consuming and torture to make. I'm happy with the result though very cute
Hoodie Features:
  • Over sized hood
  • A very detailed oversized hood gives a chibi effect.
  • Articulated Claws
  • The sleeves end in claw tipped gloves.
  • Escape Mitts
  • There is a hatch at the wrists of the oversized sleeves so you can have your hands in or out.
  • Detachable Tail
  • a cool custom shaped tail that you can remove for your convenience 
  • Quilted Details
  • extreme detail sewn details in the wings and tail
  • Painted Scales
  • shiney little scale patterns subtly placed by hand.
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LooniestLovegoodStudent Artist

I WANT THIS. but i can't get to the page.

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Truly amazing...
Does it come in Male XL?
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spaz-the-wolf-muttHobbyist Traditional Artist
i hope you once again sell these. i finally have the ability to buy and the link just isnt there...which blows lol...

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PrinceOfWolfdomHobbyist Traditional Artist
how do i order one on the link? i cant seem to find a place order button
snafucomicsPPGIRL's avatar
snafucomicsPPGIRLHobbyist General Artist
I followed the link and it’s sold out 😭 is there any chance it’ll be coming back in stock?
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DrawingsGirllHobbyist Digital Artist
Vrani's avatar
Ah, so this is where it came from (:
I actually found the page a few years back, just hasn't had the chance to get something from you yet ^.=.^;
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NibbolettHobbyist Traditional Artist
Idk my ex bought me the fox one and it didn't come with a tag and one of the ears is totally gimped. Kind of like be got given someone elses return. Not really worth the money imo.
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Rubombee General Artist
As I'm redaing the comments it seems that it's not available anymore? Anyway I don't think I could've bought soon it but well...
And according to your Activity you don't seem to be active since a long time :-/
Hope you're fine <3
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That is one dope hoodie! Looks cool! :D
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XxFlamepoolxX Traditional Artist
Are you atill making these? I noticed a few months ago that you were out of stock and bumped you and gave you my email and checked back today and it is still out if stock. Ive seen someone on etsy making a duplicate and contemplated buying from them, but I would feel bad since you are the creator. 
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LillyTateHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this!!!!! But... almost $300... I can't afford that 
xXShino-TenshiXx's avatar
80$ would’ve been a good price ^^’ and that’s still a lot of money even 100$
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puusheencatHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Beyworld101Student Traditional Artist
I love this so much here!
XBriarthornX's avatar
XBriarthornXStudent Artist
Its toothliss
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wasteland-treeHobbyist General Artist
hauntedtree's avatar
when will it be available for purchase again?
hauntedtree's avatar
im going to buy this once its back in stock.
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NickiMaster616Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Sir-LawaritonStudent Digital Artist
jokes on you
i want to die
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00SledgeHobbyist Digital Artist
What is this? 2008? 
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