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Cosplay Metallics SOLVED FOREVER

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Good News Everyone! Cosplay Metallics Solved!

developed a material/method to chrome the world

Works for fabrics & is Sewable, Works on Thermal plastics, Works on Foams, works on everything I could get my hands on

Ok this image is huge but this news is huge, download it or check it on dropbox:… How to get mirrored fabrics and applications was a mystery to me and many a google search for many years... and I clued into it yesterday so please share share share anyone wanting to use metallics in costumery would benefit! It may have been done before but the internets could not help me find this ever! Then I remembered how much I like exotic cars. I wish you love and joy, your cosplay friend #KayPikeFashion

Ever wake up and want to be shiny like a lamborghini? now you can! I was working on my Wonder Woman cosplay holding all this polished aluminum jewelry I just made thinking of my #cosplayproblems like " How do I get this metal onto my PVC bodysuit?""Metallic vinyl and pvc fabrics look gross IRL" "I need this metal but flexible for dancing" "I need something that behaves like a heat-transfer but will stretch around strange shapes and flex..." Then LIGHTBULB Car Vinyl
    Question: Kay, Vinyl has been used in costuming for years why are you re-inventing the wheel?
  • Answer:Good question everyone! Fabric vinyls and PVC's made for sewing look pretty gross to me in comparison to metal accessories. I bought the best I could find and nothing compares to real metal until Auto body Vinyl Mirror Wrap
  • When I mix Chrome car vinyl in with metal jewelry I have spent hours upon hours polishing and grinding to perfection you can barley tell the difference
  • automotive vinyl is so glossy and reflective it makes me smile, you can take selfies in it!
  • Ive had trouble applying other fabric metallics and other metallic sticker type things in a decent way to make a good looking armor. Sewing fabric metallics can be a pain and chrome paint and sticker treatments are limited!
  • I could go on you must just try some

sew it flex it bend it stretch it glue it heat it cut it stick it... technologic

    You Need
  • Heat Gun play around with your settings I found 150 to be fine
  • Vinyl Car Wrap Available at any exotic auto body shop, or you can order it online in any colour or finish you can imagine MULTI COLOURED HOLOGRAPHIC RAINBOWS! PATTERNS IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE METALLIC! CARBON FIBER! SCALES! STRIPES! DOTS! YOU CAN EVEN GET PLACES TO PRINT AUTOMOTIVE WRAP IN WHATEVER YOU WANT
  • Somthing you want to apply it to plastic, clay, foam, thermoplastic, fabrics, I haven't found anything this doesn't work on yet
  • Scissors
    General Material Use Guide
  • 1: When you cut your vinyl, give a good hefty “seam allowance” around your shape and cut small notches on inside corners
  • 2: Heat up your gun to around 150
  • 3: Peel the back off of your shape
  • 4:Chrome side to table center your shape on the tacky backing
  • 5: Heat to laminate them together
  • 6:Heat and press excess material to the backside
  • LOOKS GREAT GOOD JOB! Sew if you want, if using a thermal go ahead and shape em together or shape your thermal first then laminate for smoother finish
  • Have loads of fun and let All cosplayers know about this Application!

    Lets be social!

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Thank you for this walk through! Question: If the piece has raised edges/details, will the vinyl conform to the raised edges when heated? Or should the base piece and raised edges/details be separately wrapped, and then attached together afterwards?
TriforceMaster001's avatar
This is really impressive! I will have to remember that later on.
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My god, I love you! I needed this so much!
Taymrs's avatar
Does this really form to the shape it's on?  Like if I put it directly on worbla would it have a bumpy texture?
closetemodancerboy's avatar
This stuff is awesome! Using some to make a winter soldier arm and it looks so real. The only problem is that you can't really paint on top of the vinyl because the surface is so smooth. I'm trying to figure out a way to seal it without ruining the effect. Thanks so much!
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This Wonder Woman is so great! My buddy wants to do a She-Colossus and this will help a lot! Cheers!
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Great idea and great job! Can you paint/age on top of this stuff, or will it just chip/flake off immediately?

I've never used auto body vinyl before for anything, but I know fabric vinyl can sometimes be a pain to stick to things (it hates glue)-- how well would this stuff attach to large pieces of EVA foam armor? I'm not actually making armor, but I need to coat an EVA foam build in a smooth white glossy/semi-glossy finish, and I'm worried about the cost/time/mess of painting with plasti-dip, so doing it with white auto-body vinyl seems like a huge step up from buying super expensive fabric vinyl/pvc and trying to glue it on... 

(If you need me to be more specific about what I'm doing to advise me, let me know - just don't want to bombard you, a random stranger, with details about my crazy cosplay project lol)
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It looks like I'm almost a year late to THIS party, but wow! What an incredible idea. I love costuming innovation and thinking outside the box. Thanks for sharing your idea!
Mew-Universe's avatar
OMZ I need this to make Sailor Moon tiaras. :D Thank you so much!!!
Tokyogirly's avatar
I would really LOVE to use it! I want to do a cosplay of Karai from TMNT 2012!
But, isn't car wrap expensive?
KayPikeFashion's avatar
Not too bad in small amounts. Local garages often have cut-offs they're willing to part with for cheap-free as well.
Tokyogirly's avatar
oohh!!! thank you <3
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Alright, I always wanted to make metallic nipple stars! Joking aside, this is incredibly useful and looks great.
Arevenise's avatar
Woohoo! Armor cosplay I'm on the way!
AngryPixieDesign's avatar
Thank you for sharing! *high five*
Kawaii-Couture's avatar
Amazing tutorial. I'm definitely keeping tutorial for future use.
TransientVenture's avatar
Do you have to coat the Eva foam with glue to stiffen it before applying the vinyl?
KayPikeFashion's avatar
If you want the foam stiffer you can but it's not required. The stuff I used sticks to the flexible eva.
TransientVenture's avatar
Alright, cool. Thanks for the info!
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I am having a bit of an issue with this.  I bought some blue chrome auto wrap and gave it to a company to test out sewing it onto a hard foam core.  This is what they told me:

"This material has no stretch so therefore it will not contour to the surface needed to cover your parts.  Because it would be applied to foam, any type of indentation or swipe of a fingernail leaves a permanent depression.  Also, the adhesive it not strong enough to adhere to the foam.  We first tried a heat gun that that was too much so we tried a hair dryer but it still did not allow the material to stretch."

Am I not getting the right kind of material?  Do you have any suggestions?
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Best suggestion is to get samples of everything you want to try. There are lots of different brands and types of vinyl wrap out there.

CanadaCosplay's Manager says:
Lots of technical stuff aside, you are looking at a real trial&error process with any new material. A lot of things don't want to stick to foam, ever, because it's a porous surface and has very little overall surface area to adhere to. There are ways you can coat it if you don't need the foam to be flexible, and then it will adhere better.
If you're commissioning a piece from someone else get them to do material tests until it'll work. 
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I think it mostly had to do with the stretchability of the fabric.  Also when they tried to sew it they noticed that it might be an issue because the sewing created a perforation in the fabric and it being so thin could easily tear.
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I need this!
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