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Bizarro Girl Animation

Half of the time I painted this I was explaining who the bizarros are haha.

Please feel free to share around and repost wherever ^^
This is copy pasta and I am not on Deviant art much #adultlife , but please know I am on the INTERNET, online 8-16 hours a day wanting to answer your questions and interact with you~ I am just on a different site :D
My #bodypaint #painting takes 12-14 hours and I stream them live and chat on #twitch creative. I am here to support anyone that may want a platform to share their creative process. :) I am a full time creative streamer and am nearly always on if you would like to ask questions or wanna just chill in a positive place and play games :D

:star: Just incase any of you are considering streaming on please know that you have the kaypikefashion channel here for support! :floating: AS LONG as YOU are a decent person that doesn't take advantage of others, we have got your back.:floating: Consider streaming, it's been so good for me and those around me. Imagine making a difference in peoples lives by sharing the art you already love to do <3 Please hit me up on with any questions or concerns. :teevee:
if anyone wants high res for sharing or use in media projects contact me @ anything you like
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beautiful and chilling to see:clap: :clap: :clap:

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Incredible art!
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You are amazingly talented!!
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ÅWESOMENESS!!!™ Freaked me out, thought it was a real drawing.
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Lol, I didn't know which folder to add this to; People or Illustration.. I gave up and chose one because I didn't care... Your work is awesome!! Doge 
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This is so eerie and creepy...but in a really good way!! This is so cool!! 👍🏾👍🏾
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