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  • Listening to: Abney Park : Airship Pirate
  • Reading: teh interwebz duh
  • Watching: Rock Band lol
  • Playing: Rock Band
  • Eating: nothing at the moment
  • Drinking: H2O
Oh wow, look at the friggin cobwebs and dust in here... *coughcough*

Any hooo my daughter posted this random question meme thing in her journal and I was bored enough to become a lemming and go right over that cliff too. Wouldn't you like to be a lemming too? oooo shinny clicky

Q & A:

1. Who would be a better superhero sidekick between TaMara and Chrissy, and why?
OMG! How do I pick that?? They're both just AWESOME!

2. Do you think The_Mike is a virgin?
ewwwwwwwww!!! No, he's living with my daughter and I've heard them...

3. Do you trust The_Mike?
LOL!! That depends... hehee

4. If you could do anything with Goat, what would it be?
Now that is a loaded question if there ever was one...

5. Name something you have in common with TaMara?
We're both prickly beeotch goddess witches. *grin*

6. What do you think about The_Mike?
What's with all these questions about The_Mike?!?!

7. Can Goat be a bad influence?
*evil grin*

8. Ru just got vaporized in a freak accident. Now what?

9. Would you love to read Goat's very personal diary?
Uhm no. I wouldn't want anyone to read mine so no no no.

10. Can Ru be a bad influence?
Why yes, yes he can but mostly he inspires me to be a better me.
Well, I got a new computer but I've been waiting till I get my desk moved so that using my mouse isn't quite so awkward. Right now using poser makes my arm hurt for two days. :-(
The c drive on my laptop died... no new artwork till I get that fixed. :-(
I'm in a rut...