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Fire Orb :Fire-orb: - Yellow :Yellow-orb: - Tangerine Tangerine Orb - Orange :Orange-orb: - DarkRed :DarkRed-orb: - Red Red Orb  - Pink :Pink-orb: - Light Pink :Pink2-orb: - Light Purple :Pastelpurple-orb: - Violet :Violet-orb: - Blue :Blue-orb: - Ultrablue Orb Ultrablue Orb  - Sky Blue :skyblue-orb: - Mint Green :Mint-orb: - Green :Green-orb: - Silver :Silver-orb: - Grey :Grey-orb: - Black :Black-orb: -  -  -

Check out my Pixel Art Folder for more free icons. 
To use icons in comments or journals, click the "Add Media" button below the text box, then then on the right hand side of the media bar, click Emoticons, then search Kayosa.  All emoticons by me will show.

About this Orb:  It isn't an edit of Blue Pixel Orb, if you compare the two like colors of my series you will see they are two different sizes, and anyone that plays with pixels art knows that pixels can't be resized and still be pixel art.  Blue Pixel Orb :skyblue-orb:   The shading is a close as I could make it because I liked that shading style, and you can't copyright a shading so it isn't art theft.

Attribution License
If you notice the CC on the sidebar, that means this work is licensed in Creative Commons.  But that still means I have a few rules.
You can use this icon anywhere, even off site.  But you need to credit me if you do take it offsite, this is because it is an Attribution License, it means you are legally bound to give me credit. 
This license also means you can edit the orb and make recolors.  But you still need to Credit.    You are also required to Share your works, in the same way I share mine.   This means you need to allow others to take your recolors/edits offsite as long as the credit you AND me, and that others can recolor/edit your version as long they do the same. 
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used half of colours
BlueLolbit's avatar
Dash-and-her-life's avatar
How do you use it? Sorry, I'm noob
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So pretty! I love these! :happybounce: So many colors!
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Used on my Pokemon Game =)
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May I use this? And will I need to give credit on deviantart?
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read my journal. 
GemByrd's avatar
alrighty all read and made sure to follow all guide lines ^^
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Then why are you asking?
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well now I am I just like to confirm since I have had some issues in the past :">
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