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Louis and Claudia

From Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice
I'm a fan of the book since I was a teenager :D and I've always loved the 1994 film rendition starring Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise.

It's from the excerpt when they were in Paris.
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Amazing! I miss the days when everybody knew who is Anne Rice and half of these people are girls with smudged eyeliner, corsets and long skirts. 
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that's wonderful !!
this is exactly how I imagine them !
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Awesome, everything looks spot-on!
The expression on Claudia's face is incredible - she really looks like an adult in a child's body!
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Lovely lighting and architecture. I never read the book but the movie was pretty decent I though.

Wonderful illustration.
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thank you so much :D
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Love it! I have all of the books for the vampire chronicles and such. I'm just a little nervous about the remake of Interview with the Vampire that they're doing.
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I didn't know that!! When is it coming out?
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I don't know exactly but if you look it up on Youtube, their are video's with more info. Basically saying that Jerrod Letto is playing as Lestat. (The one who plays the Joker in Suicide Squad.) And November 29th is when the next book for the Vampire Chronicles comes out.
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When the world before you looks like nothing more than and all you can eat buffet, and yet you still cannot find satisfaction. The look on their faces, the melancholy of night and those so cursed, so blessed. Very well done.
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Thank you and that's a beautiful comment!
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Words are easy....the expressions .....what they evoke goes far beyond these sad symbols for sounds. You have a singular talent. And so once again, bravo.
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^_^ its neat that we have been able to see Kirsten Dunst go from a very young girl to full grown adult, and all through her movies
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Yes! and thanks :D
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This is great;^;!
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Recognised them strait away :love:
I only started the series this year (I've almost finished Queen of the Damned so I still have a long way to go). I'm now slightly obsessed ^^; I watched the films as a teenager. But to be honest I wasn't a fan of Tom Cruse as Lestat. Really looking forward to the new films though! (And book) x3
Fantastic artwork by the way. Beautiful :meow:
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I didn't know about the new films! XD wow this sounds cool! and thank you :)
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Amazingly well done... I love this.
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