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(Updated) Comicpalooza Burlesque

Journal Entry: Tue May 29, 2018, 3:32 PM

This has got to be my favorite performance I have ever done! I got to guest perform with the Ken Dolls at Comicpalooza and had such an amazing time! They loved me so much that I will continue to perform with them at future conventions, which I am very excited about.
Song: Seven Nation Army (Postmodern Jukebox)

Support me on Patreon to get the downloads to my burlesque videos as well as photosets and exclusive content!
Follow me for more updates on shows:
IG, FB, Twitter: @kaylynnsyrin

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Tank Girl Set

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 20, 2018, 9:13 AM

As I am sure a lot of you know Tank Girl is one of my favorite characters and cosplays. She was actually my first official cosplay back in 2012 and I am glad to finally have made my dream shoot come true. Here is the video we took during the shoot, it was sooooo much fun and I hope you like it! 

Here are some preview photos of the set, get the HD Downloads of the full set on my Patreon:

Tank Girl Preview 1 by KayLynn-SyrinTank Girl Preview 2 by KayLynn-Syrin
Tank Girl 1 by KayLynn-SyrinTank Girl 2 by KayLynn-Syrin
Tank Girl 3 by KayLynn-Syrin
Tank Girl 6 by KayLynn-Syrin
Tank Girl 5 by KayLynn-Syrin
Tank Girl 4 by KayLynn-Syrin

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New Belly Dance/Burlesque Videos

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 12, 2018, 11:03 AM

So I've been releasing a lot of last year performance videos on my youtube again, hope you like them there will be a lot more coming up! <3 

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New Website!

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 17, 2017, 11:17 AM

This has been a busy few months for me and something I finally accomplished is a brand new website!!!

On my site you can preview some of my past photosets and cosplays, purchase any of my past photosets, get links to all my social media, support me through patreon or donations, give support through my print/physical store, view my videos/photo gallery, learn more about me, sign up for my mailing list, and/or contact me. There is also an FAQs page - that gives info about photoset commissions and wish lists since I get asked so often.

If you have other ideas of what I should add to my site, please let me know! :heart:

One thought was, possibly adding a cosplay blog where I can post my step by step process of some of my cosplay builds but not sure how much interest is there though.

Anyway please check it out and let me know what you think!!!! :heart:


Photoset Store!

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Patreon Videos!

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 19, 2017, 12:44 PM

Hey everyone! I wanted to show you what Patreon has been able to help me produce now, so below I have linked all my videos/Promos made because of the support I get from Patreon. ^.^

I know some people don't like the idea of it and this isn't to try to convince you to join or anything; I just want you to see the new work I've been doing and how it keeps improving each month. I put everything from the most recent video to the earliest so you will see the difference! xD

And just in case you do want to see the full videos, here is the link! -

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More Updates!

Journal Entry: Thu May 11, 2017, 2:05 PM

Been busy for the past month, as you can see with all my recent photos! I want to thank you all again for always supporting me and getting me through tough times! ^.^

I have some updates for you! I've changed my twitter handle to match the rest of my accounts, makes me sad to completely phase out my old screen name but I think consistency is for the better. So now it is

Also, as many have seen my new snapchat, my snapcode is up on my profile now! Follow me there for random updates, silly stuff, and some sexy shots! ;)

I finally set up my P.O. Box after a lot of requests. So if you want to send me something I will make a thank you video, photoshoots, or cosplays from what you send.
Amazon Wishlist:
Latex Wishlist:…
P.O. Box 201972 
Austin, Tx 78720

Lets see what else. This weekend I will be going to my favorite comic con- Comicpalooza in Houston, Texas. If you are there let me know and lets meet up. I am wearing three different latex cosplays and two additional costumes as well as will be performing with The Vixens. keep an eye out for us we will be in a Zelda cosplay group and I will be belly dancing as the Gerudo Princess from Ocarina of Time! 

If you want me to come to a convention near you please email them and send in requests to the conventions. This year, and next year, I am going to start traveling more! ^.^ Link them my website ( or my facebook page (

Thanks again guys! Love you all!!!! :heart:


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Journal Entry: Thu Mar 30, 2017, 9:19 AM

Wow I've been busy lately... just wanted to give an update on all I have been doing recently!

1. Renaming accounts, business cards, merch, and links to have a consistent name - Kay Lynn Syrin - so it will be easier to find me.
2. Remade my logo, banners, and updated my website. (next is to make a new website through a different host so I can have my own custom store, features, and organize my exclusive content better)
3. Cleaned up some of my accounts so when you google my name I will have better results!
4. Created a twitch and discord account so I can be more interactive with everyone! Follow my twitch to watch me       build cosplays and in the future I will do some gaming streams. And join my Discord server for chats, sharing fun     stuff, help me work on my poetry, and build us the best Syrin community! Here are the links:
5.Working on digital for my new merch I will have available by May. There will be new stickers, charms, and fun stuff!
6. Working on exclusive photoshoots for my Patreon plus trying to keep up with all my patreon content. (there is only about a day or so left to get all the fun march perks!)
7. Working on photoshoots and publications! I was published in Delicious Dolls Magazine this month for a stocking peak photo and then next month I will be featured for their cosplay edition! Super exciting!
8. Attempting to post a video a week on my youtube of past performances and new videos I am making!
9. LOTS of performances! With S&S productions, at upcoming conventions, and planning things with The Vixens!
10. Lastly working overtime because of crunch at work while grinding away on cosplays at home! 

Ever since I healed it really has been nonstop for me! I hope to have more content to post here for you, just waiting for the publications to be released. Anyway less then two weeks away from Anime Matsuri I hope I will be ready in time!
Here is my AM Linup:
Friday Night: Guts & Black Cat VK Sweater (yes there will be lots of photos and videos hehe)
Saturday: Guts
Saturday Evening: I am still debating but most likely a belly dance version of something because of my performance.
Sunday: I NEED IDEAS HELP! Maybe Sith Link, Yoko, Ryuko, Jessica Rabbit, or Vaporeon. Idk I need help! :heart:

Alright enough rambles. I would love feedback, hope you will join the communities I am building up, and any support you can give! Stay devious everyone! :heart:


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Updates and Patreon

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 21, 2017, 12:44 PM

Hello everyone, sorry I have been a little quiet again. If you all haven't seen from post on my other pages I have been on bedrest and my doctors have advised me to stay away from computers, tv, phone, work, ect. It has been a nightmare. I am told now that I can slowly get back to my routine but even this today, trying to make updates and writing, has been very difficult for me. (most likely nap time after this) Anywho I hope to return by next week, if you are curious what happened I had slipped on water and hit my head really bad giving me a concussion. My recovery has been slow due to past head trauma and migraines. I miss you all so much and can't wait to be back to my normal routines.

As another update, I had posted about it before but wanted to write about it in a place that will stick longer on my profile. Feel free to ignore this as there is no pressure....

So here it is, I am now on Patreon.  It always makes me nervous to announce this since I know some of you disagree with this service however other people have requests it so it really helps out with funding my work. Though I really want to reassure you this WILL NOT change any of my sites! Each of my accounts has unique content and a special place in my heart, they will never be replaced. So I will still post to all of them and if anything this will help me continue to have a consistent flow of content to share with you all! Besides DA is still the only place I feel I can be truly accepted for my dark, emokid self and of course it will continue to be the exclusive home for my poetry. :heart:

However there are perks from the service... some exclusive content, sneak peaks, boudoir fun, BTS, as well as livestreams/hangouts/discord stuffs, spam, and merch! I have always wanted to make more merch from charms of my art, cosplay/modeling prints & stickers, poetry books, calendars, ect... but it is a big investment and hard to keep up with. So patreon will be a huge help where I can offer more merch for everyone! And of course Patreon supports getting the first look, input, and shipment of new merch.

Another big bonus of the support I receive from Patreon will be the ability to make more content for everyone (supporter or not because in the end this is still a hobby for me). It will allow me to travel and appear at more conventions, support other artists as well as pay for higher quality photoshoots and videos. I know how hard it is to be an artist and I want to be able to provide for everyone I collaborate with. 

Anywho I hope you all are okay with this and please don't feel pressured to support me! I still love all of you and will never abandon such a supportive community! :heart:

As for my last update, I wanted to let you all know the conventions I plan to attend this year:
-Impromptu Con (guest)
-Hero Con (guest/performer)
-Anime Matsuri (pending guest/performer)
-Akon (guest/performer)
-Classic Game Fest (guest/performer)
-Realms Con (guest/performer)
-Dragon Con (pending performer)
-Other Cons still to be determined...

Let me know if there are other cons you would like me to try to appear at and I will do my best! (though my health might limit me this year) :(

Alright thanks for every thing and I love you all!!! :heart:


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14 Days of the V

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 2, 2017, 9:49 AM

I am sure if you have been following me for a few years then you will know Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday and I get so pumped for this time of the year! So across all my different pages you will be seeing a crap ton of V-Day related content to get you just as inspired! Please feel free to follow me on instagram @4c796e6e for selfish, live videos, boomarangs, and some sexy shots! On my facebook I am sharing a whole bunch of new boudoir, cosplay, and past photo sets! On my Youtube channel I have a behind the scenes modeling video, so you can see what all goes into a self-photography shoot. I am going to try to post up some more unboxing, dance, cosplay, and modeling related photos too.

Lastly I am going to try to update this journal to collect most of my V-Day content in one spot for easy access. tee hee
Anwyho! I hope you fall in love with this V-Day and let me know what you would like to see more of! :heart:

Noir Boudoir by KayLynn-Syrin Shy Lover by KayLynn-Syrin Pinup by KayLynn-Syrin<da:thumb id="661387222"/>

Tifa Awaits by KayLynn-Syrin Yoko X Kamina Eternal by KayLynn-Syrin

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New Holiday Posts!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 17, 2016, 3:58 PM

Hello deviants!

I have some holiday updates for you all! I have been working on a lot of great holiday content including a new burlesque routine that I performed and will be performing again this Sunday at The Belmont theater, some cute and sexy photoshoots, and holiday unboxing videos! I will posting all the updates on this journal entry so you won't miss a thing! I hope you all are having wonderful holidays and thank you for being so supportive over this past horrible year. To hope that next year will be better for all of us, now without further adieu! :bademoticon: 

Holiday Photos:

Mature Content

Naughty List by KayLynn-Syrin

Holiday Unboxing:

Don't forget to get $5 off your first crate subscription! -

-Kay :heart:

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New Unboxing videos!

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 6, 2016, 10:52 AM

Hey everyone!

So I actually finally finished my unboxing videos from Dragon Con, lol. I mean I have had them for a while but was embarrassed to post them since it had been so long. However, I figured it would be better to post them then to throw away the footage and besides these videos are still fun none the less. So I hope you like it and please give me feedback of how you would like them to be different. I will be updating this journal as I post each one. :)

Also save $5 off of your next crate! -

Thank you everyone! -Kay

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New Performance Videos!

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 28, 2016, 8:54 AM

Trick or Treat? Hmmm... I think I'll choose treat.
So here is my treat to you all, new burlesque/performance videos from the month of October! I hope you enjoy and Happy Halloween! ;)



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New Burlesque Video (Update)

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 9, 2016, 12:53 PM


I have something new to share with you! I have been doing quite a few more burlesque and pole performances recently and I have a new video to share with you from the Sexy Swan Dive Series. I will also have another video to share soon from my performance last night. But for now here is the video from last month!

I did the performance again but changed it up this time! I really like how it turned out, defiantly cleaned up my pole work and ground work so I like much better! :heart:

-Kay :heart:

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Finally New Unboxing Video!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 30, 2016, 7:44 AM

So for the past few months I have been really down recently. Life got really hectic, intense, and too much for me. Everytime I would try to do photoshoots or videos I wouldn't be able to get the energy or excitement for it so I basically stopped everything unless I was already committed to it.

Finally, this month I have been feeling better and life started going on a steady path once more. I felt in control and remembered what it was like to be even somewhat happy. Since then I have practicing the pole again (as you can see from my spam on instagram) and I have been wanting to perform or even work on costumes once more.

So this all leads up to me saying.... I finally made another unboxing video and I had soooooo much fun with it that for sure I will be keeping this up. I am even getting use to using adobe premiere so my editing may get better slowly over time! hehe I am so excited now that I am going to be doing more photoshoots, videos, behind the scene stuff, and boomarangs.

Anywho I am done rambling, thank you all for supporting me through my hards times and even when I am a bit quiet. This is an amazing community and I have met so many wonderful people here! Keep being awesome!!! :heart:

P.S. Who is going to be at Dragon Con this weekend? This will be my first time there and I would love to meet new people!!!


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New Dance Videos (Update)

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 11, 2016, 11:41 AM

Haven't been posting much because life has been pretty hectic. However I have performed a few times over the last couple months so I am going to start posting the videos from the performances, if you are interested. I will continuously update this post throughout the month as I post more videos from each event, hope you enjoy! ^.^

Hero Con:


Haven Con:

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First Unboxing Video

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 11, 2016, 10:07 AM

So I haven't done many videos where I have to speak in front of the camera because they make me extremely nervous but I thought i would give it a shot since it is LootGamings very first crate. So please check it out and let me know what you think, if you like this then I might do more of them in the future with better set up and editing. If you interested in lootGaming or any of the other awesome crates then here is a reference link that will get you $5 off your subscription. -

Anywho I hope you like it and let me know if you want more videos! ^.^

-Kay :heart:

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2016 Convention List (update)

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 30, 2015, 8:29 PM

So I am already getting prepared for the new year! Here is my full list of conventions I am either performing at, booked as a guest, or attending for fun! If you see me at any of the events be sure to say hi! :D

-Ikkicon - Jan1-3 -…
-Anime Austin Launch Party - Jan 16 -…
-Victoria Comic Con - Jan 23-24 -…
-Hero Con Deadpool Premier - Feb 12 -…
-Anime Matsuri - Feb 26-28 -
-Weird West Fest - 2016 -…
-Hero Con Toy Show - March 5 -…
-SXSW Gaming Expo - March 17-19 -…
-Mizuumi-Con - April 2-3 -
-Haven Con - April 22-26 -
-Space City Comic Con - May 27-29 -…
-A-kon - June 5-7 -
-Comicpalooza - June 17-19 -…
-Hero Con - July 2-3 -
-Classic Game Fest - July 30-31 -…
-Anime Fest - August 12-15 -
-San Japan - Sep 2-4 -…
-Realms Con - Sep30–Oct2
-Alamo City Comic Con - Oct 28th-30th -…

-Weird West Fest - TBD -…
-Anime Austin - TBD -

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Journal Entry: Mon Sep 14, 2015, 9:18 AM

WOW I had such an amazing weekend! So I was a guest at Alamo City Comic Con over the weekend and had an amazing time there! Got to meet a ton of people, got to judge the kids cosplay contest, got to dance, be silly, and goof around at my booth; It was wonderful! Then I come home to news that I got a Daily Deviation for my Saloon Black Cat! Wow, I am so happy and very honored! Thank you everyone for the support and love! <3 You guys are amazing!!!!!!

-Kay :heart:

Saloon Black Cat by KayLynn-Syrin

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Journal Entry: Wed Aug 5, 2015, 10:41 AM

I have been writing a lot recently; I normally don't like to post too many poems in a row without breaking it up by photos or any of my other work. I want to say I am sorry but at the same time that isn't true, I won't apologize for my love of literature, it is my soul. However I would like to give an update on how life has been treating me.
This has been a very dark summer, which is weird for me and the sun burns. Particularly this it has been a hard week - with a death in the family, my mother having medical issues, drama in my family escalating, finding out my step-mother has lupus, friends needing my help as they go through tough times, and having a lot more responsibilities I need to take care of; it has been difficult. That isn't even to speak of my own mental state right now. I do want to thank every one for supporting me and being here as I go through this tough time. You all made my birthday better at least and I really appreciate all the kind words.
I still have some more writing to do but I am starting to look up and I'm feeling a bit better today. I know in the end everything will balance out, so until then I will just keep floating by. 


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Corrupted Cog Performance!

Journal Entry: Wed May 20, 2015, 10:38 AM

Here are all the videos of my performance at The Corrupted Cog, let me know what you think! I will be doing another cabaret style show on June 19 called Strange Attraction -…


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