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The Arcane Blacksmith of the Reach, Part 9
Yeah I know it's been a while since I wrote anything. But as I live and breathe I'm sure I'll find something to write.
It was later in my life after a bit of a fiasco in the Reach involving more Argonians that it's possible to miss with a catapult and a very angry high elf, that I decided to leave home for a bit and return to Morrowind for a visit. In case of trouble I decided I needed some one trustworthy to stay behind and look after my forge. Yes it would be closed but I'm some what paranoid.
I told Brelyna about it a couple of weeks before I planned to leave. In general she loved the idea. She had the same idea I did. Visit family and meet my family. Of course I was somewhat worried about how her race would be taken by my family. My uncle I was sure would be moderately okay with it. My father, as I was hoping to visit him and work out our differences, not so much.
“Brelyna do you have everything you plan on taking?” I was finishing strapping the last of our bags to Rev-
:iconnasa15:Nasa15 3 3
A temporary break from Hiatus?
Okay so looks like Arcane Blacksmith's hiatus has been broken. Part 9 is up for enjoyment. Oh and before any one asks I am in the process of writing part 10. so no big worries there I guess.
Other than that I have been busy. I've been playing more Empire  Total War so I have more screenshots of that up. I even managed a collab between me and :iconkayly101:. We've done a back and forth short story series starting with Plans. So yeah I've been up and about I guess.
And as always,
Das Svedonia Tovarish!
  - Kirilov Anechkin
P.S. Just wanted to leave a nice quote I found:
""Rule 1, on page 1 of the book of war, is: 'Do not march on Moscow'...
(Rule 2) is: 'Do not go fighting with your land armies in China."
- Bernard Law Montgomery
"Rule 3: if so desire to conquer such....skip conquering and head to Exterminatus"
- :iconSkythe-Soulblade:
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:iconnasa15:Nasa15 1 1
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What is your best way to take it easy after a long day? 

17 deviants said Grab your weapons and charge into the world of..*insert videogame title*
8 deviants said Grab a hug from loved one (includes imaginary friend)
5 deviants said *comment*
4 deviants said Pull up your sleeves and draw on! Rawr!
4 deviants said Glass of fav drink in hand and chill in your pyjamas
4 deviants said Lose yourself in your fav book
3 deviants said Snuggle up with the pet(s)
1 deviant said Meditate "Alllllllrighty theeeennnn" *Ace Ventura style*
1 deviant said Watch a scary movie to see others have it worse (unless you already have the boogyman chasing you. Then good luck!)
No deviants said Everyday is a new challenge so I welcome the challenge! Yoinks and away!




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Thing a ma jig

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 14, 2018, 3:57 PM
Good tidings all!
Woo-boy. After looking at the dates on my site... I dont know where to begin. But first off, super sorry about not logging on too often :heart:
Everyone goes through something after some time or another but you definitely come out stronger. 

But let me see...Where to begin?

Lost one of my jobs so that was a change. 8 years of work and not so much as a "You did good" or "Good luck out there" 
Instead I get a combination of being labeled a terrible person for my last name or a "shortage of work" (mind you they hired more people after firing me but go figure)…
It hurt a LOT. Still hurts and peoples bullying is still going strong in my own community and doubt it will ever go away but what goes around comes around. Though I am sorry for being selfish about complaining about myself...I wasnt the only one who went through stuff and I understand but I do apologize. Other people's hard work was also pushed aside. Not just me. But since FB is a nightmare to say anything at all...please excuse my rant here :heart: Things eventually work out in due time. Just hold out a little longer for that dark cloud to pass.
Things will work out in there own way, indeed. Even though its hard to hear or listen to when youre feeling down.

And if you want to feel down then no problem!
Maybe its your own body's way of saying "YOU NEED A BREAK" ha! Not the fun way to do so but it balances out some how. Take a break till you feel the desire to return to being yourself :heart:
Draw some art, play a game, dance, watch a movie. All the above! Ha!
The number of people I had a chance to talk to here are wonderful! From talented artists, musicians, writers, RPers or heck! Everything in between :rose:
Goodness knows its hard to keep up those talents so take a break for however long you need and join back into the game. If you need a little nudge then give either or family member or friend a shout. And dont forget me! Give me a shout too :heart:

No big travel to see GWAR last year due to things. This year is definitely on the list...Same with a number of other travels xD It would be pretty epic to see GC in America!! 
Oh so many things to do and see. To chat about and to try so many different things xoxo

And super BIG thank you to a very good friend for sharing this sweet thing ^.=.^
It really helps out to pick up your spirits :heart: 


-Change is hard but things work out in the end of the chapter or beginning of a new one 
-Still waiting on a new laptop so no digital art yet
-You can always depend on your family and friends to help you out when you need it :heart:

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Since I am from a small community in the northwest territories of Canaduh, its hard to find others who share the same tastes in artwork as I do but thats why dA exists Boo-yah! Love to draw and to checkout a variety of different artwork but my real passion is RP. Heads up, I know I am NOT an artist. I draw for fun and NOT to become an artist which suites me just fine. Though I always look forward to other people's talent...
Also when I RP my posts can be a LOT longer then a single sentence. Depending on the passion and the reply of the response. Its not really acceptable to most but I find it thrilling to the amount of meat added to the response.
Art... by prosaix Too much senior-dArama by prosaix Stamp by Skadi-r Paarthurnax Fan by Tae-Rai OC - Soul Stamp by Alphares OC Stamp by ChibiGem OC Stamp by MarikBentusi Im A Gamer not a gamergirl by Eyenoom Kingdom Hearts 2 Stamp by ViciousBlue Love. by Delmorii Amon amarth by old-mc-donald Metal fan stamp by deviantStamps Two Best Friends Play by P0SSUMS Beast Wars Stamp by SeishinKibou I :heart: Argonians Stamp by NicTheKitsune Companion Stamp by Chasing--Echoes Characters' Beliefs Stamps by Spikytastic Morrowind Stamp by Isriana The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion by AquaFugit TESV: Skyrim by Cloudemyx The Elder Scrolls Online Stamp by Isriana Villains Stamp by Spikytastic Critique vs Insult by Foedus-Stamps CHIBI Justin Stamp by Gneiss-chert SDS Stamp by Gneiss-chert I love Agar by Gneiss-chert Isis Stamp by BloodAngel28 Stamp 'Sora' by Sharquelle Stamp 'Aronansa' by Sharquelle Galena Fan Stamp by Gneiss-chert Seth Fan Stamp by Gneiss-chert Jade Star Stamp by BloodAngel28 Night-Time Stamp by alex-mewmew Give a Llama, Get a Llama by mushir
Arisdalian Royal Guard Badge by Gneiss-chert

ElderScrollsOnline: kayly101
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Other dA site- :iconwoksahnee:

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The Silver Dolphins Saga


:iconomgsocuteplz:…? :iconomgsocuteplz:

Been waiting so long for this book and its finally in my hands! So much YUS!!!

Check out the Summary for the first book of TSDS! :heart:
You will not be disappointed since its filled with OOMPH! Also with the OOMPH it is filled with feels.
Each character presented in TSDS has their own unique abilities with enchanting powers but not without their own flaws that the reader is able to connect with. The symbolism involved will have you connecting the story but there are many twists and turns that will leave you reading more. A refreshing storyline filled with creativity and connection to the readers

Official Summary for book oneDejected and afraid, Miral Akemi, a human girl with an unnatural ability to use water magic, struggles to fit in a world that both fears and rejects her.  With no place being safer or more tolerant, she remains on the Island of Delphi praying for change.
Prince Justin Arisdale has everything others desire; wealth, status, and power; however, something is missing from this young Velociraptor’s life.  The burden of his born duty, the hatred between humans and his fellow elder races, and his dangerous earth magic weigh heavily on his mind.
Life on the continent of Flourisha has been peaceful for thousands of years, despite the old wounds that humans bear from mistreatment in the past.  The gods have been silent even though prayers still resound; however, everything changed the day a prophet arrived with a dire warning for Miral.  With the rising sun of a new day, the unfathomable horrors of the prophecy descended upon the island leaving a trail of fear, distrust,

TSDS Book 1 Concept Final by Gneiss-chert

There are also tunes to checkout (The album helps out when you are going through a tough day or you are up for something sweet)

Check out the Fan Page


The Silver Dolphins Saga since 1996 Michele Scott Gneiss-chert :icongneiss-chert: , and ©Victoria Mummert. BloodAngel28 :iconbloodangel28: All rights reserved.

The two authors are incredibly lovely people. Don't be afraid to say hello or ask them their favorite color Ha!

The Lights of Justice: Justin and Agar by Gneiss-chert Welcome to Arisdale *edited once more* by Gneiss-chert

Justin Summer time outfit no shirt by Gneiss-chert Seth and Isis: Height Reference by BloodAngel28 Elementals of Light, Miral by Gneiss-chert

(Note! Not my art! Click on the image to visit their site!)


Check out the lovely new website for all sorts of good stuff!
Plenty of OOMPH to go around <3



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