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Like Flying

Video: [link]
Art trade with *Damalynn/*Inalii! Her lovely Platinum Cross fox character, Inali. Had a lot of fun working on this image and for once I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. For now, at least; I'm sure I'll hate it in a day or two x3 Chipping away at the ol' owed-art stone, anyhow.

I am NOT open for trades, so please do not ask me!

Photoshop CS3, Wacom intuos3 tablet, about 10-15 hours of working time
Character © *Inalii/*Damalynn (Note me if you'd like a higher-res version, Dama)
Image © *Kaylink
This is a copyrighted image; do not heavily reference, trace, repost, edit, and/or claim as your own. This is not a free-use image and any and all usage requires explicit permission from both deviants listed above. Thank you for respecting the copyright.

I need to submit things that aren't shiny canids nfjksdvbnkdvnj
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© 2011 - 2021 Kaylink
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Simply breathtaking 
Squirrelstar77's avatar
Its an amazing picture and the water and fox look great! keep up the good work *Times a thousand likes*
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Does the title mean swimming is like flying in water? 'Cause I thing swimming is as close as I can get to flying :3
LeseviusVenom's avatar
Hey Kay, I was wondering what the track was you used for this video? As i can no longer view it on youtube XD
Kaylink's avatar
"Inside It All Feels The Same" by the band Explosions In The Sky
LeseviusVenom's avatar
Thankies me dear ^u^
NeoSkull's avatar
This is beautiful and so realistic, the lighting really sets off the fox's colors, honestly, this is quite the beautiful piece :)
ShadowWalkerFox's avatar
I'm obsessed with foxes and THIS is the BEST thing I have EVER seen!
the-fey-cafe's avatar
Okay I'm serious, how did you color it so beautifully? <3
MistyGoldArt's avatar
wow! that's really awesome!
I love the way that you painted the water:love:
Lollipop3107's avatar
i cant see the video D:

But still, this is so beautiful!
BubblesTheMuffin's avatar
Wow, this is just gorgeous!
WinschMisch's avatar
Too epic for mortal eyes O.O
AnimaliaDoodle's avatar
This is amazing! looks very realistic and love the sunset/sunrise reflection in the water.
Purple-Cake's avatar
This is really impressive! Love the perspective and the colors of the water, especially. Great work! :heart:
runningfreely's avatar
Wow, amazing :wow: I love how you did shadows here! :D
Very well done :clap:
ElmitheFox's avatar
I am speechless. So is my pet fox.
warriorcats17's avatar
absolutely gorgeous. the colors are amazing and i love how you made the water look. fantastic.
Its so pretty.
bobby-pinns's avatar
The colors and the shading in this is absolutley gorgeous! This is fantastic :D
SiddenDeath's avatar
That's Wicked awsome...:D
kleslie's avatar
i love the background
Tawnyfur11's avatar
Awesome! Your style is so realstic! :D
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