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Frolic Frolic Frolic

Birthday gift for *Krissyfawx! Because birthday. And because she's drawn me some stuff that's totally adorable and I never got around to drawing anything back oh noes. Also she has some of the most adorable fox characters ever yes.

Soooo yeah. Not much else to say, haven't submitted anything in what... 8 months? Yeah sorry college is kind of eating my life this year and I've been going through some weird hyper-critical phases with my art. So if ya'll can ignore the major boo-boo in this image that's smacking me in the face. That'd be dandy.

Drawn in Photoshop CS3 with an Intuos3 tablet
Characters © *Krissyfawx
Image © *Kaylink
This image is property of the two deviants above. It is not to be reposted, redrawn, heavily reference, traced, or otherwise used without explicit written permission from both people. Please respect the copyright.

PS Download if the background isn't transparent, it's set as transparent but some browsers wonk it up.

PPS If you'd like a better look at the shading you can check out this image [link]

PPPS Krissy if you want the hi-res file note me :)
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© 2011 - 2021 Kaylink
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How do you submit art from other programs onto DA? I cant figure it out and i have to you deviant art muro
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Aww, foxies frolicking, nothing is cuter than foxies frolicking, other than baby animals...
Fichtenkralle's avatar
AAaaaaaaaaaw looks so sweet , id like the paws with sparkles +O+
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Krissy is my nickname so I got confused like an idiot XD
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I think someone referenced heavily off of this without your permission.. [link]
TigerOtter7's avatar
wow thats amazing
hasounXp's avatar
i love your work
EpicLunar's avatar
THis is very pretty! :D
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Looks amazing. <3
Are you open for art trades, by any chance?
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I am not, sorry :)
ingrissi27's avatar
Love it!!! The shading is spectacular!
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Oh my... amazing! I love the looks of both the characters.
AnoOrca's avatar
This is beautiful! Both characters have gorgeous colors and markings, the poses look great, and the shading is very well done!
nnneeekkkooo's avatar
Teach me also to draw ХD
RenegadeFlyer's avatar
Great piece of art, nice colouring and detail :D
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