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Tara Sachra for Vicky 7 Update (09.27.2016)

Hi !!

I've update recently my product : Tara & Sachra HD for Victoria 7

What's new:

_ Separated morphs
 ( Teeth, brows and ears) from Sachra face full head morph to allow more customization.
_ Created new HD morph for Tara and Sachra.
_ Now the characters have a SHD ( lvl2 for the base) and HD ( lvl4 for details :) (Smile) ) morphs. So you can now turn off the HD morph to speed up your render time and still keep the character shape.
_ Reworked all the textures (clearly better now)
_ Created new Normal maps.
_ New horns shoud not do weird things now when changing ears or face shapes
_ Corrected tail, now it should not get deformed by correction morphs like Zev0 Bend Control, shapes.
_ Readjusted Tara's face rigging.
_ And the ALL CONTENT is in the SAME folder!!!! hummm ...sorry ^^; (you will not have to roam into the folder to find the horns, the make up, etc....)

Hope you'll like the new features :)

See you


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Thanks for the updates!
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You're welcome :)
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Great lighting & skin! :)
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Thanks :)
The skin use the preset of MeiLin7. It could be better if I used the NGS but, I don't if it's a merchant resource or not. And when I don't know, I only use it for my personnal use ;)
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NGS 1 is only for persons use. But version 2 will be MR. :)
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Thank you so much ! I really like your product ! before it was nice, now it's a must have for all of us !!! Great work !
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You're welcome my friend :)
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