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Wolverine themed nails :)
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You can easily defend yourself with those nails, too. Pretty awesome, abd nice work.
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Cool... Even cooler if that Adamantium nail polish. :D
wow thats amazing!!
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wolverine would be proud
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Wow so cooool !I have to make it I am a dummy! 
wolfsbanesilver3102's avatar
flipen AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! 
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this is really cool!!
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These are simply amazing!! I would love to try and replicate them on my own nails!!
StrongestInUniverse's avatar
thats asum. i wish i was a girl now XD
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So i really need to do this
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Soo cool! :) What a talent!
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HMMMM more like sabertooth
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Woah, these are awesome! Do you sell your nails?
What kind of nail polish do you use? What are the pointy ones?
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this is too great
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By far the coolest nail design I've seen! I want these!! :+fav:
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Very cute and clever! :)
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Without a doubt, the very best nail art I've ever seen! Extremely creative, very evocative of the source material, and beautifully executed. That's to say nothing of the great composition of lighting of the photo itself.
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HAhahahaha made my day :D
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I freaking want these so bad, I can't get over how badass they look, you are AWESOME!
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