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The Thing - Nail Art

One of the best horror films ever! I had to have a go at some nails based on John Carpenter's 'The Thing'.

The poster design on the thumb, tentacle-y things on the index finger, the helicopter-dog-chase on the middle finger, Norris as The Thing (after the arm-biting-off incident) on my ring finger and a bottle of J&B whiskey :) Couldn't stop singing "dun-dun.... dun-dun..." while I was making these, haha.

I keep doing my Halloween nails too early! I'll have no ideas left by the time it comes around :S

"I dunno what the hell's in there but it's weird and pissed off, whatever it is!"
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they look amazing i love them amazing job
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As for the girl this is best nail design i saw in a while (im a guy btw human)
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I's Kinda Kool.
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This is really cool!!!
pheonix-gray's avatar
how did you pull of making the living blood and norris like that?
ruschell's avatar
So 3-d love it.
Brynmore13's avatar
Very cool and original concept.
Anie's avatar
This makes me happy. Though I must wonder, how do you do anything with these things on your nails (it's hard enough for me to work with just regular polish on)
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"i would not like to spend the rest of my time here TIED TO THIS FUCKING COUCH!"
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The Jim Beam is a nice touch.
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...Could you imagine flipping someone off with THAT ring finger? o~0'd scar them for life.
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Your nail art is so amazing and original, whaow! Those details, 3D stuff, It's amazing 0___0
And the theme, of course :D
I agree with you, "The Thing" is one of the best horror films ever, perhaps one of the best films ever. I think this film traumatised many of us when we were little x]
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I love this! Best nail art I've seen so far xD I love The Thing :)
KyoSohma7's avatar
God, this is so cool.
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im trying to remember if ive seen this movie i dont think i have but it sounds very familiar.........i wonder if its on youtube.......
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Wow! Great nails-but what is the film about?
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