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The Mayor of Halloween Town

Found this when I was having a sort out. I made him months and months ago and didn't like him at the time, but when I found him today I didn't think he looked that bad. I'm getting lazier and my standards are dropping :/ Haha.

Anyway, thought I'd take a pic x
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I think on one of the nails, you should've put the mayor's button that says, "Mayor" on it. :)
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Yay! Mayor Maynot!
Moontress124's avatar
The other hand should be his happy face.
Katiria17's avatar
DUDE!! I love the nightmare before christmas!!
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Stolen-Dreamer's avatar
Why do the nails all look raised off your fingers? They don't seem to be natural at all.
MtotheAggie's avatar
They probably ARE fake nails! It's probably easier to paint on them when they're not attached to your hand. (Just my guess, though!)
candycreep's avatar
AHHH! <3 Just, wow!
SoulEater4lifeBitch's avatar
oh shit!!!! i effin love dat movie!
rockheartblondie's avatar
It looks great!! I love your nail arts!
WaterLily-Gems-Art's avatar
I don't think there are words to describe the awesomeness of this. He just looks so absolutely amazing!
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Yesss, looks awesome! :peace:
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How did you make him? Did you use the Ziploc baggie methos or something else? He looks amazing compared to what I can do.
lyndzee421's avatar
that so amzing
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Nice, awesome idea ! Is the hat a piece of your fingernail ? : P
Razor13's avatar
Love it! Seems like he'd be easy to break or break off though.
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