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Tetris blocks :)
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why the hell would you do this to your nails? it seems like it would break off after pressing hard on something
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Nice, but I think I couldn't have this nails :2 
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I love tetris and really nice nail art.  This hits both!
Great work!
jyippe's avatar
that is so cool :D
AnonymousRabbitLover's avatar
Did you use fake nails for this design? Real nails would break too easily.
CaseyDecker's avatar
Those nails look very nice, and it's sure to put anyone in the mood for "Tetris" as well. :D
Mochizuki-Rin's avatar
It'd hurt if you broke one of these nails lol
stile212's avatar
makes me wish i was a girl so i could wear these they're absolutly awesome
Zelyd's avatar
How do you not break your nails?
frichikendz's avatar
The concept is wonderful and creative, as well as your lines are splendifully neat. I however do not know the practical purpose of this and how you can pick things up.
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That must have been difficult to do...Are they your real nails? :O
AoiBlackShiro's avatar
ta tatata tatata, tata tatata, tata ta ta ta ta...
Rebecca-47's avatar
I read that to the tune of korobeiniki. :D
LitlMomma's avatar
You are one amazing artist! Love all of your work! Never seen anything like it! You are paving the way for more exotic interesting out there work. I love it!
PopCornSalt's avatar
Ooooh, love this one :O
CeaSanddorn's avatar
great! i'm fascinating
pyro-helfier's avatar
I would never get anything done... be too busy stacking my nails together, hahaha! "Ooh need a pinky- Yes! Cleared one!"
Queengeekelouise's avatar
Simple but my favourite
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OMG. YES.I FOUND YOU. :DDDD I've seen this picture everywhere but havent been able to fav it till now!! These are so cool!
coffeesoo's avatar
Amazing. All of your nail art is absolutely amazing. I love the way your designs are cut out into shapes! That makes them even cooler! They're so colorful and unique. I hope you can make more amazing nail art! :D
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