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Snow Leopard Nail Art

Snow Leopard nails :)

I have been pretty busy lately so I haven't had much time to play with my nails :( But, here's a simple design I made last night using Rio's nail art pens and holographic foil.

Thought it might be a fun idea to stick my hand into the snow to take the photo... Until I did it, haha.

Anyway, I will get back on track with new designs this week. But for now, here are some nails to suit the weather :) xx
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this is very beautiful
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Two things that I love.. nail art and snow leopards (and snow!!).. all mixed together in one!! This is amazing!
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you're amazing, theses are sooo cool
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So cool :D Love the use of snow in the picture... :D
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Tutorial pleeeeease?!
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OMG!!!I love snow leopards!!
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The snow looks lovely with it! There's so much snow where I live it's impossible to get out. :D I love the nails so much! They are really pretty.
Btw are you planning to do any more clay work? You are really good at it. :)
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The extra snow makes it so fun! Beautiful job on the detail!
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what a beauty this is! :D
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These are gorgeous <3 How did you do these? O.o I would love to try this out but with purple to match my purple leopard print jeans. Please message me sometime. You inspire me to try different nail art ideas. :)
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Is that real snow in the picture or fake? Either way it adds such an element to the picture. The nails pop more with the snow.
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It's real snow, and it was preeeeeetty cold, haha. Thanks xx
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These are especially fun - playful but the color scheme still keeps them very elegant - brava! :D
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