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The little drawing of Simba in Rafiki's.. House? Tree? Place. Haha.

From Disney's The Lion King :)
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COOL!! Looks just like on the tree:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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wow these are great :-)
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Awesome this was my favorite movie growing up and it still is today
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I never thought of that!!! So cool! Awesomely done too! I'm not crazy about all black but that's just me. I agree with other commenters, it does add lovely contrast.
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Aww! I love the Lion King! :meow:
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oh wow, I have new found love for your thumb
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You probably get asked this all the time, but what products did you use in this art? It's so wonderful...
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How did you get the faded colors?
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freakin sweet your nails look smexy by the way
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Holy crapola, this is AMAZING!!! I love this so much I think I'm gonna- *asplodes*
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I really love this design. The all black is a wonderful contrast.
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so how do you get ur nails to those intricate shapes....haha i love ur designs..but how?
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how did u do this its amazing !!!
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This is just so sweet :meow: Ah, the memories.... Very well done
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How cute and creative ! <3
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The king has returned...then the queen and...that's about it.
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