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Monsters, Inc. 3D Nail Art

Monsters, Inc. 3D!

Like everyone else, I have loved this film ever since I first watched it - and now it's being re-released in 3D next Friday! I cannot wait to go to the cinema to see it. I had to make these nails to celebrate :)

There is Boo's door on my thumb, and Boo herself dressed up as a monster on my index finger (complete with google-y eyes, haha). Then there's Sulley's fur on my middle finger, a 3D Mike on my ring finger and the Monsters, Inc. logo on my little finger :)

I'll be wearing these next Friday when I go to watch the film (but I'm sure I'll be going to see it more than once!) x
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Really Cute but weird. 😂 I have mixed emotions for these

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.. that might of got annoying
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Fuzzy fingernails. Now I've seen everything.
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Omg, I love that door one!!! Mike just looks like "What just happened?! I'm on a finger! A HUMAN FINGER!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"
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That looks awesome!
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Omgsh just so wonderful. Lol monsters Inc isn't even my favorite but these are awesome
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hahahaha, very cool
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Cool! Are they fake nails?
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Awesome! I love all of them, especially Boo and Mike. They're so cool!
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These are so cool!
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You're such an artist!
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This is an incredible nail art, I really love the selection of elements
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Very good
Just awesome ♥
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omg! i love MI!! mostly MU.. But still So AWESOME!:admire: 
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omg this is too adorable ^_^
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