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Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins Nail Art :)

Was going to just do the standing up with the brolly silhouette as it's more recognisable but found this design with the colours and prefered it :) It's from a Disneyland mural apparently but don't know who to credit to to :/



EDIT - SuperSaiyanNala has just informed me that the design is actually from the poster of the stage musical :) x
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I love those nails.
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this is the sickest! i LOVE nail designs! i paint my nails every other 2 days :)
major kudos to youuuuu (x
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Beautiful! Well done!
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Mary Poppins is a time lord, she has a TARDIS and everything :I
Her bag is bigger on the inside, she goes on nonsensical adventures with a companion...think about it.
Anyways, love the nails~
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Totally great!
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thats flipen amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
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aawwww mary poppins????
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If I'm not mistaken, I believe that logo is from the Broadway show. :)
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Oh yes, just googled it :) Thanks for letting me know!
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This is really awesome.
<---Is jealous of your skill.
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That is one of my fave childhood movies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Did you know, Mary Poppins is a time lord?? It's true. I can prove it.
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I didn't know :O Tell me?! :) x
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You know when she pulled all that huge stuff out of her bag? That was because the bag was Time Lord technology just like the TARDIS: It's bigger on the inside :D
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Oh. My. God! I think you're right :D Haha. Awesome! :) x
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