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Mad Hatter Nail Art

Mad Hatter nails :)

I started these months ago (by making the hat) and then got bored with them. A few weeks ago I made the teapot, then the cup a few days later. Only got round to finally finishing them last night. Phew!

I'm glad that I did get them done in the end though :)

"Why is a raven like a writing desk?.."
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I love alice in wonderland!:happybounce: Mad Hatter 
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That's amazing! I love how you made each nail (well, 3 nails) a part of him. So cool!
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A raven is like a writing desk because they both tell a story the raven verbally and the writing desk on paper........
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You have been featured on! [link]
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Awesome! :) Thanks for letting me know x
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"why is a raven like a writing desk?"
Because there is an b in both and an n in neither.
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Fantastic! No more to say XD
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Do you keep your nails like that or do you only do it for art?
You should make Youtube videos on how you made them XD i would love to watch them XD
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how do you do the kettle?
It must be really hard!
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I always thought that the answer to the riddle was 'Poe wrote on both.'
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XD Amazing! I love it. It's bringing back so many happy memories watching Disney's Alice in Wonderland. And I was drinking tea when I saw this and almost spewed. XDDD
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cheshire cat nails next?
i. love. this. so. much.
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Mad Matter <3 I was a modified version of him for Halloween last yr! These nails look great :)
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Brilliant! Love these x
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I love these! So cartoon and amazing. My favourite is the tiny teacup.
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Dead on!!! These are so awesome!
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Looks so cool :aww:
I can't even imagine how you did this, but this is so amazingly clever! I absolutely love each nail.
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