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Attempted 'Jaws' nails :)

Not as good as I'd hoped they'd be, but thought I'd post them anyway so hopefully it shows what I was going for :)
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these are perfect for the 40th anniversary of the movie!
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This is so awesome! 
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that's awesomely cute and funny. did you do the jaws scene as your thumb shark was swimming towards its helpless prey? :D
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Haha! You are so creative! :)
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Your nails are very,very intrest. She looks very good. You make them self, true? How long you have this nails, on your oen nails?
PS: excuse my very bad english, im from germany xD
I hope, you understand me^^'
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Thanks :) Yes, I make them myself and wear them for 3/4 days. Although, some nails I can only wear for one day xx
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If I paint my nails like that, I'm guaranteed to sing/play the Jaws Theme song XD
Awesome Work!!!!!!!!!!!
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Probably the most original artwork I have ever seen. I love it !
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I think they're awesome. :nod:
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Looks good But Jaw's teeth look kinda funky.
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Da-dun. Da-dun. Da-dun. Da-dun.
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Woah! This is amazing! Do you paint the detail on with tiny brushes?
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Awesome might try it once I get false nails xD
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amazing! had to take you forever to get that detail!
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We're gonna need a bigger nail clipper.... sorry, couldn't help it :XD: This looks so cool :D
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I would SO rock these!! :XD: awesome job :D
Dun dun dun dun dundundundundundundundundun AHHHHHHHHHHHH!
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