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Indiana Jones

My attempt at some Indiana Jones themed nails :)

:iconarrowriter: gave me the idea earlier, hope they are okay :) xx
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Oh mine this is so cool :D I want that-like nails too D:
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Your nails are awesome!
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Thats awesome! XD
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This must have broken in like 3 seconds?
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Ohmigawd... I freaking love you for this.
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Ma'am, you are a genius and are now on my watched list. That is all I have to say.
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Thanks so much! :) xx
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I just want to say I'm sorry I've not put more of your art in my faves...I just realized I haven't! I will be making a folder for you :nuu: :tighthug:
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Whaa? That's okay! You're always so kind to me and you've already given me a big head with all your lovely comments, haha xxx
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aw well you know what? I don't think it's giving you a big head, it's just praise for something that I find enjoyable :D I used to paint fake nails when I was younger and I thought I was a big shot when I'd wear them because no one else had nails as cool as mine...BUT they were no where near the quality and originality of yours :worship: If I could afford the shipping I'd be buying nails from you ALL the time "oops that one fell off time to call Kayleigh" :D
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Aww, thanks so much! But now that comment has given me an even BIGGER head ;P xxx xxx
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lol You should have one! Your nails are amazing!
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Woooow, I loved it!!!!!
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YES. I love the combination of the whip right by his head, so it looks like he could be holding it...
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Thankyou! Oh yeah, I hadn't noticed that :) Cool xx
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Those are so cool! Looks like they took a long time, and they're perhaps a little inconvenient, but they're still epic! :)
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Thanks :) They took about an hour but were fiddly. Yeah, they are totally inconvenient haha xx
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