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Hocus Pocus Nail Art

"It's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus!"

Made these yesterday using false nails and stuff from the craft shop :D I'm going to save them to wear out closer to Halloween.. Maybe :)

The "BoooooOOOook" is on the thumb, and I LOVE it! Took about an hour and a half to make though :S Still, I don't mind, and can't wait to wear it. Will probably convert it into a necklace afterwards.

Then the Sanderson Sisters - Sarah on the index finger, Winifred on the middle finger and Mary on the ring finger. Luckily they have distinctive, individual hairstyles and colours so they are easily recognisable without faces (I call it 'minimalist' - but really, I just can't paint faces, haha).

Then the black flame candle is on the little finger :)

"Come little children I'll take thee away,
Into a land of enchantment.
Come little children, the time's come to play,
Here in my garden of maaaaagic..."
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These are awesome I love the movie
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These are awesome. I love the movie.
AAAHHHH YEEES!!! I love this movie :)
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Ok. I seriously love you now. Amen the the woman who did nail art based on my annual halloween tradition. (that would be watching this movie about a billion times...ooooor everytime they play it on TV XD)
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I LOVED this movie! The nails are perfect!
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must be very annoying if you wear those during a school day.
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Yeah, I think it would be. Just for the weekend :) x
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Oh my goodness you have no idea how much I absolutely love you for doing this, and I don't even know you!
Hocus Pocus is my number one favourite Halloween movie ever, and probably my second favourite movie of all time (second only to Matilda <3) If I could buy these from you and wear them, you better believe I would! Fantastic job, just amazing <3
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I love this movie!

Beautifully done. ^^ And I like the minimalist faces. lol I think having distinct faces would be a little cramped on such a small space. :p
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I love this movie. You did a wonderful job!
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Such memories!! These are great, you did a fantastic job on them!!! :D
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Hocus Pocus is like the greatest Halloween movie ever~
I love Binx so much. xD
ClariiTaGigii's avatar
i fell in love with binx when i was 14 xD
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Oh my god I love you so much!!!
Hocus Pocus is one of my favorite movies of all time :)
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Did the make the book out of polymer clay?
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These are awesome! I love the minimalist style of the sisters and the super detailed look of the book and the black flame candle!

I look forward to October every year for the awesome halloween shows, and this has always been a favorite! It still blows my mind that that is really Sarah Jessica Parker though! =P
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This is awesome! That movie is gorgeous and I will just have to watch it soon :D

Such a great artwork, it's soooo awesome :D
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I used to love this film when I was younger!
As soon as I saw the thumbnail, I immediately knew that it was Hocus Pocus :D
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