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Hobbit-Hole (Nail Art)

A little Hobbit-hole!:D

Here is the second set of my Hobbit-y themed nails (the first being my Gandalf set which is here - [link].

I did warn you! I said it would be crazy and you can't say I was lying ;) Although, weirdly, this set is slightly more practical than most of my others, haha.

I've never tried anything on this scale before. It's a solid, 3D nail which is supposed to resemble a little Hobbit-hole :) It's about an inch and a half long and an inch high, made using clay, fake grass stuff and acrylic paints/nail varnishes.

It's not based on any one particular Hobbit-hole, but it might be how I'd want mine to look if I had a real one :) Once I've worn them, I might keep it as a little ornament, or make it into a ring... ;D

I won't be making anything as ridiculous as this for a while, haha. But it is so fun, so I'm sure it won't be my only nail 'ornament' ever ;)
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No housework for you! ;P Amazing! <3

WOW!! It looks difficult and surely different. This tiny Hobbit hole is so cute and interesting.
congrats!!! I don't know from were you got the inspiration to create this but i really get inspiration from :)
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How long will you wear something like this?

Looks amazing though!!
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WOW now this is interesting, very cool!! :thumbsup:
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WOW! You are amazing! This is so awesome! Way to be creative :highfive:
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WOW that is so cool! 
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how do you function with this on????
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Love grassy texture... you go girl.
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Cool!!! How did you get the grassy texture??? It looks epic XD
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I've seen this on a website before, not this one though! Anyway great job on the hobbit hole!^^
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This is awesome!!
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Lol!It looks great!
this is brilliant!
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I'd end up ripping my finger nails off in frustration, but this is really cool :D
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Beautiful, love it! <e
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I think it'd be cool if you made a little model instead of nail art for this ^^
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That looks so weird...But cool :3
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