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He Who Must Not Be Named...

By KayleighOC
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Lord Voldemort nails.

Minimalist Voldy on the thumb and his wand on the ring finger :)
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O_O wow
suddenly i have a Desire to rewatch harry potter all over again
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I love your creation it's gorgeous 
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HermioneFrostHobbyist General Artist
Great job! I love how detailed your nail art is!
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The thumbnail looks as if it would be very uncomfortable carving into your nailbed to make the cutouts with as deep as you go.
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candystarssStudent Digital Artist
EPIC!! lol XD
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StarlitStablesHobbyist General Artist
DONT SAY HIS NAME! lol:) so cool!
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RomankandiiHobbyist General Artist
Oh MY GOD...
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HairyPawterStudent General Artist
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ohhhhhhhhhh ok
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Just awesome!
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HakurenchiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah! I see it now. At first he looked like Hitler. Hurhurhur
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bazinga62Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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AriykHobbyist General Artist
How long did it take you to make the wand? These look great, by the way.
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poetanddidntknowit34Hobbyist Writer
Wow. Great job! I love how detailed your nail art is
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sccoutureHobbyist Artisan Crafter
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KEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! That's awesome!
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bloodyrosevampire98Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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StylesLuv15Hobbyist General Artist
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PancakeButtsHobbyist General Artist
love the blur effect! makes it more menacing
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Awesome love them!
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IllyDragonflyHobbyist General Artist
You have the patience of a sniper, very cool!
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Gossamer1323Hobbyist General Artist
how long does it take you to do this stuff?! That's insane!!
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ticklishnatashaHobbyist General Artist
did you grow your nails out to design each set or use acryllics ?
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