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Fruit Salad

I've had these fimo things for ages and have never known what to do with them, so I stuck a load on today to try and get rid of them. Then I slathered on some clear varnish to try and hold it all together :/ Haha :)

Only Margarita Pracatan would wear these.. :/

EDIT - These have been reminding me of something since I made them and it's been really annoying me because I haven't been able to think what of! It's these! [link] Rock sweets from the seaside! Phew, now I can have some peace, haha.

PS, thanks for all the lovely feedback and comments! So flattered :) xx
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i feel bad for seeing this next to bad art...
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How creative! Lovely.
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I wish I could eat it. :c
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This one is my favorite, o3o, it looks so cool :D Be good for spring or summer :3
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This is by far my favorite, next to the LOTR one, of course. I love the little details in the fruit.
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I wish I didn't have to habit of biting my nails. :(
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The nail artist has that habit too. The nails she draws designs on are fake, which also means she's protecting her nails from chemical damage.
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SO pretty but so impractical.... but so pretty @___@
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awesome!! I'm gonna try that!
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These are so cool! Would totally wear these in summer...
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HAHAHA!!!!!!!! The Wiggles!!!!!!!
animegumballmachine's avatar
wow thats so awesome!!!!!!
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Oh my, gorgeous nails!! :omfg:
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WOW!! Surprising! x3
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Awesome.! *U*
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This is awesome! Where did you get the fruits?
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where did you get these??
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Lovely! They would be great for a cocktail party!
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THATS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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