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Freddie Mercury nail art :D

Rage pose :)

I f-ing love Queen!
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why hasnt everyone favorited this?😃
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Bismillah! This is wonderful.
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Lol that's awesome! I want my nail to be Freddie Mercury too!
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Badassery in progress...
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So close!

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GReat..........god save the queen yeah!
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Now youre just beeing über cool! I LOVE Freddie Mercury..
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A little faith in nail art has been restored!
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I know this might sound stupid, but those arent your real nails, right? They're fake? Or do you wait a long time till they grow really long and then cut them to the shape :P?!
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I need my nails to look like this.
Lol too bad I can't even paint them a solid color without messing up XD
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this is fabulous xD
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freddy♥ Queen!♥
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Ha, ha, ha
It's such hard work!
You are really talented
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