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Evil Dead Nail Art



Evil Dead nails :)

Made these last night and am so pleased with them, the Evil Dead films are some of my favourites!

The Book of the Dead (or the necronomicon) thumb nail is made from clay (I think I might turn it into a necklace once I've worn them) and the rest are just normal false nails (painted with a mix of varnishes and acrylics).

The deadite (supposed to be Cheryl but I'm no good at faces) middle nail is probably the most detailed nail I've ever tried, but was only through total luck that it turned out sooort-of alright).

The index finger is a 'boomstick', the ring finger is a chainsaw and the little finger is just a wood-y design (I was thinking the rape-y tree - or just that the first two films are set in the woods/wood cabin).

I did attempt a severed hand but it turned out rubbish.

"Groovy" ;)
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Chainsaw and shotgun ones are pretty clever. :)