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Edward Scissorhands Nail Art

By KayleighOC
Minimalist (sort of) Edward Scissorhands :)

Someone suggested Edward as a theme but I cannot find who said it! I'm so sorry, if it was you please let me know!

As soon as this film was suggested I knew I wanted to make the most ridiculous nails possible, to annoy the people who always point out how impractical my nails are, haha ;)

I will have to try eating peas with these..
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So cool!!

But how long did they last for?

tweeked-turtle's avatar
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Those are wicked looking! Nice job!
EowynLucySparrow's avatar
Wow this is awesome!!!!!! I am totally watching you!
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That must have been incredibly impractical but it is so freaking cool.
BBMcKenzie's avatar
This is incredible.
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its beatiful *O*
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when i saw this i was like :jawdrop: rvmp this is beautiful nail art :clap: 
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Are those your real nails?
BellaNightling's avatar
How do you even make those they are so cool!
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Inspired! I love this :D
S-K-Y-L-I's avatar you.... Omg
BrokenBrookieCookie's avatar
This is super cool! You've definitely gained my watch!
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That's amazing..................:3
juliabubik's avatar
wow, it's very original
charliemacpaintings's avatar
That is amazing! How do you pick yer nose though? #8^)
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nice , cool ! i love the movie ! nice work ;)
Scapinou's avatar
Amazing But if I had it, I wouldn't touch anything... ^^ I'm going to see right now your other tutorials!!
MisakiNata's avatar
Wow,that's so awesome *W* 
TheKawaiifan's avatar
how'd the pea eating go?
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