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Doctor Who Nail Art Collection

By KayleighOC
So excited for the return of Doctor Who! I absolutely cannot wait :D

Here's a collection of the Who themed nails I've made in the past - I'm sure there'll be more to come! :) xx
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I love Doctor Who and these nails!!

I want all. :)
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Beyond impressed. Excellent work. 
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Awesome! Love Doctor Who!
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These are really awesome
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Doctor Who is my favourite TV show! Thanks for this nail art collection!
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Love the silence one most of all, but they're all really great.
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do u sell them? :confused: i need dalek nails for a cosplay.
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You were featured on Icanhazcheezburger under the Must Have Cool section! [link]
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Awesome :) Thanks for letting me know! x
ForsakenLydia13's avatar
^.^ Not a problem!
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Cause your just that awesome!
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Okay that is pretty freaking awesome
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just watched the new one. I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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love the tardis ones :la:
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Do you make tutorials for these?
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