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Cherry nails :)

I was trying out my new Rio nail art pen sets because I've never tried using them before, just practicing by painting tiny cherries to see how they worked (which is BRILLIANTLY btw, the little cherries took less than 60 seconds - to paint them all! :O So easy). Since I knew the pens worked so well, after a while I thought I'd go a bit crazy and make a massive version of the tiny cherries for my middle/ring finger, haha.

Gonna have so much fun with the pens! Got so many ideas about what I can do with them, but for now thought I'd just share these practice ones. Will be trying something more detailed next :)
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Pas pratique et pas beau :/
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Cute, but pointless. Love nail polish <---- Nailpolish. :D (If you didn't know)
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aw, it is a cool :D
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Isn't all this nail stuff kind of pointless? you can't even wear it because you can't move your fingers without ruining them. :confused:
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I agree with @tamagotchi127
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Doesn't that make all art kind of pointless then?
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But I think she was really only making these as art, not for practicality. Isn't most art just for looking at?
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I suppose... but then if you put it on your nails you're going to have to take it off and ruin it.
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That's why she took a picture lol, just like with any other photograph, the subject is impermanent so we take pictures.
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Photographs of art are never able to give off the same essence as the actual thing.
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But sometimes, like in this case, it's the best thing you can do to preserve it. Think of all the pictures of sculptures people put on dA, they wouldn't be able to share their art otherwise.
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pretty! I bet you had a hard time typing!!
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this design got you a 2finger-handicap time didn't it? really cool!
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jeez! those are cute!!!
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How can you move your hand with two connected fingers? O_o
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I would so wear these nails!! :worship:
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Oh my gosh how are you going to function with those nails! haha
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Hahah, great job! Now I'm just going to use a hour or two to figure out hhow the hell you did it O.O
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OMG love this so much! Love the giant cherries too. LOL Such a fun design. :heart: :+fav:
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But How can you move your fingers?
I thing that you use photoshop for doing your nails.. also couse hand is always in the same position..
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