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Breaking Bad Nail Art

As I said, I have some newer, *slightly* clearer photos of some of my old sets so I'm gonna be uploading those every now and again :)

Here are my Breaking Bad nails (the original photo I uploaded last July is here - [link]).

Can't wait to see the final episodes. I think the break's been going on long enough! >:(
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The crystal nails look great but I'd imagine they'd be annoying to wear
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I almost commented on the Wolverine one about how "I'd only add one of these to my favorites" ...then I saw this! 

Only two more weeks or so...!
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Ha ha ha ha That is hilarious
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Well, I know one person to link these to. Great job.
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haha ,coooool....!
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How did you make the crystals? They look fantastic!
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These are amazing, my boyfriend loves them too! Have you ever considered a Phantom of the Opera themed set? I bet you'd rock those!
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SO! GOOD! OMG!!!! I like these A LOT!!!
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These... These are perfect!!
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This is so perfect, oh my god. <3
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Haha = awesome! Go Mr White... Go Science! :D
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My boyfriend looked over at these and got mega excited about them :XD: They look amazing<3 are they heavy? :O
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