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Breaking Bad

I can't believe I'd never seen Breaking Bad until about a fortnight ago! Watched all four seasons pretty much in one go. Ruined my work schedule completely :/ Anyway, finished just in time for the new season this weekend! Woo!

Anyway, couldn't wait to make these nails! The shows logo (sort of) on the middle and ring finger and Walter White's chemically pure crystal methamphetamine, 'Blue Sky' on the other fingers ;)

Love these nails, think they might be my favourite ever!
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This looks really cool. Love the crystal effect.
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awesome idea for nails :D
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I love these soooo much! Awesome work! 
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Oh Lol! Very nice :D
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You really applied yourself :P

Seriously well done though.
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This is my favorite show of all time! I love the nails very creative it inspired me to draw Heisenberg thank you so much for this wonderful creation!
I've been a fan of Breaking Bad since it first aired and this is the first time I've ever seen something like this! Those nails are fabulous, I want to try those out myself. I think it perfectly expresses the fandom. I really like the detail you put into the Crystals and lettering (Even getting the small numbers in the upper right corners). They look really heavy, can't help but wonder what they must have felt like! The colors are spot on as well, you did an amazing job! 
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dude the meth crystals are a bit much. they're cool and all but like...idk
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Be careful ! Some junkies mights want to  steal your fingernails =D ! Great job !
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Esto le llamo creatividad pura! como el cristal azul te quedo muy bien. :)
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How did you obtain this effect on the "crystal meth" nails ? Which material did you use ?
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crystal meth and nail glue

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loved it, loved it!!!
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Great! Your work is awsome! ;) (Wink)

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Thanks so much my friend

Greetings from Mexico ;) (Wink)
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wowww this is cool X3
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that is awesome!! I just started watching the show, it's pretty good. :D
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What did you make the meth out of? 
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