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Anti Sora

Anti Sora woooooot :D

3 hours with chalk pastels.

It was kind of annoying though because our "fantastic" art department it so under-funded, so I had to do this on CONSTRUCTION PAPER. DO YOU KNOW HOW DIFFICULT IT IS TO WORK WITH CONSTRUCTION PAPER OMG.

Okay. Rant over.

I'm actually really happy with this.

Character (c) Square Enix
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This is really cool!
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I'm not Fan of game, but, i like the characters XD ^^;

P.D: Are you can see my Angels of Fortune? Please! :)

Have a Good Day! :sun: :la:

The Angles of Fortune 

An unexpected encounter! 

Angel General of Fortune 

Thanks! :la:
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That is amazing x3333
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I saw an edited version of this on  I posted a link back to here to give you credit.
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thank you! i dno't know why they made it b+w...looks so much better with colour :O
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Man I can't tell you how much of a PAIN it was for my younger brothers to beat this guy. They played the game, I just sat back and watched them.
But just so you know I've been giving a lot of thought about the Anti-Self and the challenge it can bring.
My thoughts and ideas on the Anti-Self began with Team Natsu from Fairy Tail. As you could anticipate Erza was first, and I took it a step further by naming her Zera. She shares the same physique and powers as Erza, only she's black and gray with red eyes like Anti-Sora here. But Zera is the opposite of Erza, she will kill anyone without hesitation or mercy. Though she is more friendly towards her anti colleagues than her true self.
Anti-Natsu is practically the same, except that he actually plans out his next move, or six, sets up traps, and will take and hold hostages if necessary. Ant-Gray is practically the same, only he's more brash and quiet than his counterpart, and the biggest kicker, Anti-Gray and Anti-Natsu get along with each other WAY better than their counterparts, making them neatly unbeatable in battle.
Anti-Lucy is pretty much Lucy's opposite, only arrogant, overconfident and way more violent than the real Lucy, she also has a penchant for mocking the flaws of her opponents, like she chastises the real Lucy for putting more effort into her novel and friendships than her exercise and training.
That's about it, please write back to me immediately after reading this.
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That's interesting, I've never played that game before so I wouldn't really know!
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How did you know I love Kingdom Hearts? HUH!? HUH!? HAVE YOU BEEN STALKING ME???? :imwatchinyou: <-YOU
Really amazing picture! Do you mind if I use this as my avatar image on another site?
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I'd rather you not, actually. Sorry! Thanks for asking first though!
Aw, this is the best Anti Sora picture I've seen. Thanks for being nice enough to respond though!

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you are welcome! ^^
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This just made my life. Holy. Friggen. Crap.
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Right here.
Is true love.

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Ahahaha okay
But I love it. Excellent work
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