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Unusual Sight
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Published: March 31, 2008
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We are back from con.
And Im sad now ;__; Everyone talked to me like... "Oh a Squall!".......


His name is LEON, dammit! Grrr... (I know that Squall is Squall in FF8, played that game. But in KH its Leon)

So, the weekend was great^^ The weather wasnt... but we took some photos. Im not to happy with most of them, but there are a few to show ya! Hope you like them^^

This one was taken by :iconmiraisadame: Thanks dear!

Majin as Cloud
Me as Leon
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Mar 30, 2008, 11:29:21 AM
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Dont' like yaoi, but this is really hot
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Cameridan-Hero|Hobbyist General Artist
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Beautiful! *_* I am for a loss of words.... really you two are awesome! And I don't say that because I adore Cleon....no....well yes I do!^^ But anyway great Job!!!
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you two are perfect! you look so much like them...
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PARCHEDgoat|Hobbyist Writer
*fangirl squeal*
The costumes are so cool!!!
I wish I could cosplay like that :(
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xskyskipper|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yay for boy love :D
This is a amazing cosplay
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SignedWithAnEcks|Hobbyist General Artist
Awwhh Leon and Cloud... Very cute picture, loving the costumes. Of COURSE you're Leon! Your hair is far too long for Squall XD

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Okay, this is the first time I have done this...
In a long time...

-fangirlsqueal- AGH!!!! SO CUTE!!!
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QuincyUryuuIshida's avatar
Well yeah, Squall changes his name on purpose. I bet he hated it. lol

Leon is more hotter.

Oh yeah, like the pic. :3
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kayleighloire's avatar
I know, and it is way hotter, yep. :D
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QuincyUryuuIshida's avatar
I used to cosplay as Cloud but I had a feeling I couldn't pull it off. So I just roleplay as him. lol. Just feel sorry for me when a Sephiroth gets me. :D

I just go as Uryuu Ishida instead and go with any Ichigo that would join me. XD
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Minor-Detail|Hobbyist Writer
HE IS SQUALL, GODDAMNIT!! [obsessive FFVIII fangirl]
Squall Leonheart. His name is in relation to his parents [Raine and Laguna; all weather-y names](Laguna=marsh or swamp, Squall= a sudden, violent gust of wind, often accompanied by rain, snow or hail, Raine is self-explanitory)Leonheart can also be Lionheart, meaning that he has a strong heart, though he doesn't want it to be broken.
I REALLY hate Kingdom Hearts for changing his name, no matter how much I love the games. Square kind of butchereed their own characters, especially Seifer.....
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*laughs* You don't hae to lecture me.
If you think twice, you COULD imagine that I know ff8.
May nickname comes from it.

Squall is a pussy, Leon is not.
If Square thinks he wants to change his name for reason, then it is like it is.
It suits him more I think. And it makes him more mature, like he is in KH.

I won't argue any further with you about it, because thats MY opinion. :D
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Minor-Detail|Hobbyist Writer
...didn't pay attention to the uasername.... how ignorant am I? *laughs*

Thanks for atleast talking back! Most people just say 'you're wrong' and leave it at that. Sorry; I kind of don't like the name Leon. Squall makes him sound... Squallier <3 FFVIII was my frist RPG. I have every right to love him just the way he is.

And, yeah, It does kind of make him more mature, but by the end of FF8 he's pretty matured-ish.... still a loner child, but a little more grown up.

I appreciate your opinion! I won't argue, either, cause I kind of just go on and on about everything and anything.
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kayleighloire's avatar
Hah, nice :D

No Prob. Normally i just want to explain, why I like things better.
That was about it.

I played some other games before ff8 and Iv'e to say... from all Final Fantasy games its the one i like the least.^^" Dont know why.
Just my oppinion. :)

Many others don't like ff9, but i love it instead. :D
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I thought that squall is leon, Cause squall's name is Squall Leonheart, so Im sure that he's the same person but In KH they called him Leon only...
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pixiedustling's avatar
In FF it's Squall Leonheart.
In KH it's Leon Lionheart, I believe.
Although, they do make fun of it in the first KH game, where Yuffie calls him Squall and he tersely corrects her with "It's Leon."

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Artobotrys's avatar
but..don't you think that it's kinda funny if you call him leon leonheart? I think that leon is his nick...
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pixiedustling's avatar
No, LIONheart. Like, the keyblade you get from him is called the Lionheart. But, I think he's totally just in hiding and using lamer than lame name change to conceal his identity.

"Hm, I can't be Squall Leonheart anymore. Gotta think of a secret identity....hmmm...Oh! Leon Lionheart. Psh, it's so brilliant, no one would EVER suspect that it's me! 8D"

Oh, Leon....I love you so....
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Azley|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thought I had it faved *drop*
Awesome pic and very great poses :thumbsup:
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X3 Best yaoi paring ever, put into Cosplay. Epicness. : D
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OMG! xD lol!! AMAZZZIING!!! [twitches]
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Laxelle|Hobbyist Filmographer
aw lol that is so kawaii, your Leon is sooo good ^W^
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Maksn|Hobbyist Digital Artist
jhgkjchhfdbfdjkhgkdshglskfdhgfldkgfdlsgd sh--
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