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Bunnie Rabbot Plushie

My plushie version of Bunnie, from her old-school/90's Archie look, with the yellow fur, purple mecha, etc. She's 16" head-to-toe and 26" ear-to-toe. She was hand-sewn and took a week to complete. I had to butcher an Amy plushie to get the eyes and pattern, & I know her head's kinda football-shaped... ^.^; Created back in Apr. '08.

Constructive criticism is always welcome, however, snide remarks ARE NOT. If you hate the character(s)/pairing(s) pictured, keep it to yourself.
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*Squeals* Oh my god she is so cute!
TiffanyTheDarkCat's avatar
can you make me a blaze the cat one for 10.00 and lower and not rob my housr
dth1971's avatar
Have you ever created plushies of these Sonic characters from the Archie series:
Lupe of the Wolf Pack
Barby Koala
Mina Mongoose
deslouck's avatar
UuU I wish
I could Have this plushy
Bunnie is a great Chara!
We all should draw more of her!
SmashQueen's avatar
O_O Wow. That's really cool. You have a talent in making adorable plushies. ^^
MetalSonicRawkBoshi's avatar
I want one! D: Awesome job, very cute!
golosh's avatar
can i haz one?
CartoonistWill's avatar
Hey, this is very wonderful! :-)
cleopatra-the-cat's avatar
man i want one of theese! lol
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This is adorable and well-made. I've gradually been collecting materials to try to make a plushie set of all the Freedom Fighters, and I was super pleased when I found out someone had made a nice-looking Bunnie! I really love the metallic fabric you used for her metal parts.
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Thank you! ^^ I'd also love to make the other FFs some day, especially those I've never seen a plushie of before, like Rotor, Antione, etc. ^_^
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Yep, there needs to be at least one Ant plushie and one Rotor plushie in the world. :)
esonic64's avatar
That is so cool! keep it up! :)
esonic64's avatar
Your very welcome! :)
BLAK-ONLY's avatar
wow!! thats amzing that you made that!!:noes:
It looks so cute and awsome!!
wish I had one of Bunnie :heart:..lolXD
really amzing work!!you gots
and skills!!
I don't think I would be able to make one..
but really nice wokr!!:clap:
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Mystix-Candy's avatar
Oh my gosh~ That totally looks like her! you're amazing! 0w0
KaylaTheBat's avatar
Sheshin's avatar
AWWW, she's cute!
I so want one of those.
Can you make a Sally plush or have you?
KaylaTheBat's avatar
Thanks! ^^ I've thought about it, as well as making the other freedom figters, like Antione, Rotor, etc... maybe I will some day. ^_^
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Oh, Mina Mongoose, she'd make a great plushie!
Your welcome!
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She's really well made! Very nice.
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