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Katana Warrior - Danger Zone

By KaylaDavion
Looks a bit trashy? Jap, absolutely :D but I just love the editing :heart:

Photographer and Editor: Heiko Warnke

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© 2013 - 2021 KaylaDavion
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pretty nice,
but in my opinion: it needs bloooood!
and may be a more scared face (i know your going for a kill bill cosplay but even Beatrix Kiddo would have a hard time in an apocalypse) that would add more realisme.
We'd love to use this for a book cover.  Can you please respond with commercial pricing?  thanks!
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Great work, Kayla and Heiko! (Would I be wrong to assume this is Kill Bill inspired)? At any rate, the jacket (and the sign) provides great contrast with the rest of the picture. Very impressive! :)
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Looks like beautiful Uma Thurman in Kill Bill
Nice Photo!
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This is an interesting shot. Love it.
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Jumped out of a 3 story building, landed in a garbage bin and popped out feeling PO'd...Kind of a Kill Bill thing going on, I like it!
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WOW, amazing editing, and amazing job modeling!! I love it!
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I love that yellow jacket, looks so awesome on you
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This is stunning. Another great shot. Beautiful capture.
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Good pic! And good cosplay!
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Looks pretty bad ass to me! :w00t:
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Awesome work, lady )
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Hui, sie hat aber so einiges mitgemacht.
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Trashy?! With you?! NEVER!!
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