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Scar Demotivator.

Just something fun i made. :D

Scar is disney's,

demotivators are despair INC,

and idea is mine. :XD:
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Damn, no wonder he turned evil!
DiscordantPrincess's avatar
And right after he saw "Twilight" he got ripped apart by hyenas...lucky bastard.

That's why he turned evil.

It all makes sense now.
BlackRose0602's avatar
*Dies of laughter*
BlackLilly3's avatar
That would really explain that face.
Kayla-san's avatar
Wouldn't it, though? XD
Kosa17's avatar
That's right :D
BTW, this Scar's face in film make me always very sad. He looks so aghast, poor Scar Cry emote
CatSnyder's avatar
Ah Scar..master of the 'make me unsee it!' face.
Kayla-san's avatar
:D He's the master at most everyhting. ;)
CatSnyder's avatar
Except friendship.
JaJaJaJunnDee7's avatar
Good Lord, that was my expression when I got out of the theater after seeing Twilight...that movie was such a sad excuse for vampires and werewolves :C

Anyway, poor Scar, I know a lot of people can relate xD
NikBarinova's avatar
Kayla-san's avatar
:bow: Thank you, thank you!
HellmotherEva's avatar
OMG! XDDDD I laugh so hard! But I have this Twilight-Trauma too, iit was erribel! xD
Kayla-san's avatar
:D Glad you liked it!
HellmotherEva's avatar
Like? Who say like? I LOVE it xD
WinterFore's avatar
LOL his face is all like: :iconohwhyplz:
Don't worry Scar, we all had mental problems when we saw that movie *huggles him*
Kayla-san's avatar
XD I never even saw the movie.
WinterFore's avatar
Don't. Watch it. Whatever you do, just don't. An hour of my life, wasted! Seriously, I wanted to just DIE when I saw it. It was so horrible xD :iconthisisnotspartaplz:
ShugyokuSeiryu's avatar
I... I just love this... It's so.... Brilliant. :icontearplz:
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