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Sans x Frisk

By Kayla-Na
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I have a thing for Sans >_>   
Both characters are depicted as mature adults.
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Omfg the way you draw sans and frisk is amazing... Sans looks hot af, i have a crush on him now   The lazy bones Sans Icon   *You feel your sins crawling on your back*

Also i love your movie night and underlust comics Undertale SOUL - Hot Pink (Fanmade) (Not mine) 
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I've been seen enough hentai to know where this is going
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Alduin does not approve
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This is just wrong man
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Frisk is a child though.........................
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Please go away.
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Yeet this is good shit if I do say so myself LazyIcon I DON'T wanna use - 18 I am a filthy sinner right along with Frisk
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This is going to shock you, but people that draw this stuff don't really give two squats about your opinion, or whether you like this or not. If it bothers you that much, ignore it and move on.
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No one cares. lol
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Fucking grow up already.
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OK?...I think.
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This is kinda necrophiliac don't you think? 
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just think that she forgot to wear
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Frisk is a child and was always a child imo

And before you object look at my rant ^
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Don't give a shit, if you don't like the art, then you ignore it.
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I thimk I've seen the whole pictures.

You sinner. ;)
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Welp looks like someone is gonna have a FRISKY bad time Them eyebrows 
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