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Mystic Serenity

A collaboration with Vesil [link] produced Mystic Serenity.

The pieces The Red Butterfly [link] , Beast of Frost and Snow [link] , and The Brain of Serenity [link] were used to create The Main Piece of Serenity [link] .

Vesil used not only his talent but the color scheme from one of my favorite pictures, The River of Dreams [link] to give Mystic Serenity a special touch.

Enjoy :)
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Simply amazing. Reminds me of a Samurai Warrior's helmet or some other kind of mystical knight. Awesome.
Kayla-Ki's avatar
Thank you so much :D I definitely see what you mean. :nod:
NinjaMaster13's avatar
and peopel say im clsoe to you....fuck that you are the goddess...sure you had Help from V but stilll...shitt we should team up some time id love to see the havoc id create with you as a partner in art.

"Wild" J
Kayla-Ki's avatar
lol J you have a lot of passion for all of the things you do. I am sure that once you have the control you need, your work will surpass mine by miles. I love doing collabs. You saw that when you sent me the first flame and I couldn't help but play with it a little bit lol. Anytime you want, let me know, we can collab on something.
sounds sweet.. lol i doubt ill pass u but i love what i do... take a look at my newer ones i just liked mezssing time your on le msn were goign to mess around.. with the arts and we will se what happnens.. i cant wait... maybe ill suprise myself
wow very awesome
Kayla-Ki's avatar
Thank you, thank you! :D
no problems im putting several more on my deviant check em out and tell me what yea think.
xMeimi's avatar
Oh my god :o
This is so awesome.
I'm mesmerized!
(it makes me day dream)
It's making me think of fireworks..
and future .. and magical powers. hehe ^^
AsderArt's avatar
great work :) i am astonished
Fluegel's avatar
wow :D that's cool :D you both did a good job :)
Kayla-Ki's avatar
Thank you so much :D We both appreciate it.
osinsh's avatar
yeah, like that! it like strange church hall! Colours ar good.
Kayla-Ki's avatar
hehe thank you so much. :D
ashers's avatar
Great image!
Kayla-Ki's avatar
Thank you so much :D
ebonyraven's avatar
That's really cool. The colors and shapes never seen anything like it before.
Kayla-Ki's avatar
Thank you very much. :)
BabylonGurl's avatar
Such a detailed peice of art!!!When you stare at it,it's like you see things that words cannot describe!!!Simply awesome!:clap::headbang:
Kayla-Ki's avatar
Thank you so much for your comment. :D It means a lot to me. I'm glad you liked it.
Stricken001's avatar
Yeah i found it... this is the other one i really like....
Kayla-Ki's avatar
lol thank you so much :glomp: for both the comment and the fav! It means a lot to me.
Rustle's avatar
I love this! It's great! It looks like we're walking towards the leader of some alien civilization. Electrical & Scary. :clap:
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