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Bubble Brushes and Ideas



This was done with Adobe Photoshop CS, so I hope the brushes work for earlier versions. =X

Click here to download the brushes (.abr file): [link]

(FOR VERSIONS LOWER THEN 8, DOWNLOAD THE .psd FILE HERE. Read below for instructions..)
Click here to download the brushes (.psd file): [link]

People liked my underwater scenes, and some even wanted some bubble brushes, so, here they are! It practically explains it all up there. I made 4 different types of bubbles (fine, small, medium, and large/big). A nice technique is to start with the fine bubbles and work your way up to the big bubbles. Don't use too many of the big bubbles, unless you have a huge working space. Change the colours of the bubbles depending on what colour your ocean background is.

This is how you install the brushes on your Photoshop:
First, download the brush file (.abr). Once you download it to your computer, open Photoshop. Now, click your paint brush, and follow this image to click Load Brushes [link] . Then find your .abr file and select it. Now your brush set should be at the bottom of your paint brush list.

To create your own brush, draw your brush(es) all in one colour, preferably black (on a new layer) (remember, you can also do transparency and fading and stuff). Next, highlight one of your brush images which you've drawn, then click Edit > Define Brush Preset. Name it, then hit OK. Your new brush should now appear at the end of your brush list!

I drew these bubbles with size 3 brush on sharp [link] , then used the soft brush with it still sharpened. Don't use these brushes with the sharpened option on or they will look horrible. :P And don't forget to hit that transparency button to try shade in the highlight white or use the gradient tool to make the shades different! Give it a try and tell me what you think. :)

I think that's about it! Enjoy making your bubbley bubbles! :D OH, and if you are going to use the brushes, I would ask if you'd give credit somewhere that you got the brushes from me. :aww: Thanks!
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