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To anyone who has preordered a Swiftkill figure - they finally arrived to us today! we have begun shipping your orders.
If you haven't ordered one and are interested, they are still available at…
My cintiq died and I had to mail it to wacom for repairs, so missed last weeks update. Got it back pretty quickly and the new page will be posted on the 11th. Thank you for your patience, I hope you're having a great start to your summer.

The following is is a repost from an old journal of mine. 

If you’ve ever followed my Deviantart journals in the past you will know that I have a pretty open policy regarding the usage of my art. My policy allows for repostings/recoloring/edits/tracings/what-have-you, as long as it is all for personal use and not-for-profit (meaning it isn’t being sold, auctioned, or any use wherein money changes hands.) I also allow roleplaying of my characters, and fan art (of course)!

Still though, I get a lot of people coming to me reporting examples of where people have traced/recolored/edited/reposted my pieces. The person contacting me will often also comment on the “offenders” work, or contact them privately to scold them on my behalf. 

While I appreciate that people would care enough to watch out for me, as it were, my preference is that the people using my work in this manner are left alone. There are a good number of pretty young BBA fans. I am written “fan mail” all the time by young people who weren’t artists before, but started drawing after reading the BBA. Hearing of the ways my little wolf comic has inspired another young person to pursue art in the ways that Don Bluth and classic disney films did for me always feels a little unreal, and words to reply to them never come easy.

A lot of times, these newly budding artists start by tracing stuff. That’s just how it goes.

What kind of person would I be if I went to the Deviantart gallery of a 13 year old, who is a huge fan of Bloodspill, and told her to take down all of her Bloodspill traces because “it’s mine”? Or the person who wants to make their own wolf character for roleplaying BBA. “I can tell your character Quickdeath is just Swiftkill colored blue. Be original - do your own work!” I could yell.

Firstly, that would just be super mean. But it’s not even that I’m thinking or feeling those things and just “holding back” in order to be nice. I just don’t feel threatened when people copy my stuff. I actually feel really really flattered that someone likes my stuff enough to want to emulate it, or add their personal touch just enough that they feel like it has become “theirs.”

I also just plain do not want to do anything that would discourage a young person’s pursuit of art.

I know a lot of people do not necessarily agree with loose art policies. I know because I’ve seen Deviantart give rise to a big “anti-theft” culture over the past decade. 

It’s fine if other people want to police their own work, and be very restrictive in it’s use. I’m not saying they are wrong. It’s true that having decently well-known work in your niche affords you some security. I’m not worried that anyone could actually “get away” with taking credit for one of my characters. I do know when I had first developed my characters, I was worried someone else could actually take them from me. I remember when I was 16, chewing out some other girl on AIM, because after she saw Bloodspill, she made herself a giant, grumpy spikey-headed, bright red and black wolf. I couldn’t handle it then, so I can definitely relate to people who are in that position.

So I’m not posting this to call out people who don’t share my art policy. I just want to clarify and explain my position on usage of my work specifically, so that no one attacks BBA fans (young or old!) especially not on my behalf.

The BBA has hired it's first full time employee! My Friend Lindsay has joined the project. They are helping with all aspects including backgrounds and editing. 

With their help, we have been able to quadruple the rate of page production. So you will start to be able to see BBA weekly again!

We also have also reverted pages to a vertical, more standard format. 

There are also again some slight character redesigns. I KNOW it will be like the 2387289th iteration of some characters but, this is FINAL FINAL FINAL for real this time. I know it's been an annoyance and I apologize for it but i've been struggling a bit when trying to lock down my vision for this reboot. Lindsay is great at direction and has been helping me make these final decisions. So please bear with these final changes :)

When our patreon reaches a certain level of pledges, we will be able to go back and redo the first chapter to match the newer work before we print this as a book. (this would be done as the same time as creating new pages, so you wouldnt have to stop getting new pages in order for us to redo old ones).

As always, thank you for reading!

PREORDER OPEN - Swiftkill Figure 2018 by KayFedewa
Im very excited to announce my first new figure in 10 years! If these sell well this will also be the first in a whole new line of figures, one for each main character in the new comic!

If you would like to pre-order a figure, please visit…

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Thanks so much for the support :)
Hi friends,
I just wanted to send out a small update to let you know that the health problem that started in June turned out to be much more serious than I initially thought. It rapidly progressed since June, crippling my functionalities in various ways. These days have been the most difficult time of my life.

It is certain that my life will never be the same as before. It does not seem possible that I will ever be "cured" but there are a couple treatments for my condition that have put people into remission. The last 3 weeks my entire time has been consumed by working with a support organisation and learning about my condition from other patients, going to a lot of doctors, many in different towns, trying to get help and opinions.

Just Monday August 21 I started an aggressive treatment that I have a lot of hope for. I have already seen some signs of improvement in a few areas.

I don't really like to talk about this stuff publically but, because I have basically vanished from being online, I worry people will interpret my disappearance as me giving up on my art. I cannot live with that assumption because nothing is farther from the case. In fact completing my comic for you is my #1 life goal. All of my efforts to get well will be so that i can get back to the place where I can make art every day. That's all I want to do.

Today I feel well enough to log on to DA and post this. And then I'm even going to do some drawing on the newest page. I feel like I'm on an upswing, but improvement may not be linear and may look something more like an advancing spiral, where good days are followed by bad, then good again, etc.

I'm sorry if this is a disjointed post. My head has been really foggy and even forming cohesive thoughts provides a challenge sometimes.

But all of this to say, I feel that I will be back to functional, hopefully in the very near future, and will be able to spend less of my time at doctors and more time focusing on creating.

It has been so many years that you have supported me and my work on BBA. I wish i could find the words with which to express my appreciation.

Hi all!
The BBA store is finally open and can be found at
many items are limited quantity. I will be able to restock some but not all (like vintage comics and figures).
I will also be adding new items to the store periodically, including new Swiftkill figures at the end of the year.
Thanks for taking a look!
Hi all!
There has been a lot of interest in ordering a new Swiftkill figure. If you want to be sure you have the opportunity to grab one before they sell out, please sign up for the mailing list HERE:

 Bullet; Green…Bullet; Green 

I will ONLY be sending email updates pertaining to this figure order or other BBA merchandise opportunities. I will not be sharing the email addresses with anyone else. Signing up does not obligate you to purchase anything. 

Figures will be 5 inches tall, made of resin, handpainted, and around 65$ USD plus shipping. 

Thank you!

Swiftkill Zbrush Model UPDATE read by KayFedewa
I've recieved some amazing gifts of art lately from really kind people and I feel compelled to display it some place besides my favorites! Check out some of this stuff!! 

Sweet moves- KayFedewa fanart by animeWolffreak23 Now We Can Hang Out! by FlannMoriath SPARKLE QUEENS!!! by ADAxel Just listen to teacher by CalicoPikachu .:Swiftkill:. by GerraFox77 Don't Blame Me for Your Problems by EATRY SPARKLE PRINCESS!!! by ADAxel

Hi All!
I know it's a ways out for both of these conventions, but I wanted to give you a heads up that I have booked my trips to both Anthrocon in Pittsburg ( and Furfest in Rosemont ( for this year.

At Anthrocon I will be set up in the Artist's Alley on July 1-2 selling BBA merchandise (Posters, stickers, charms, enamel pins)

At Furfest in December, Im hoping to have a Dealer's Den table (I have applied for a table, but will not know whether or not I will receive one until later). Im also hoping to have the new Swiftkill figures ready in time for furfest to sell the first of them at my table there.

If you follow the comic and are planning to attend either of these cons, I would love for you to come by my table and say hi! 
Hi all!
 A couple things I wanted to update you about!

Bullet; Green First off I want to mention that I have brought on :iconnaviira:, known as Naviira, to help out with BBA environment work. This will free up :iconfablepaint: to focus on BBA storyboards, their other professional work, as well as their own personal work. (They are working hard on a comic called Umbagog, which can be viewed here: )

You should definitely check out :iconnaviira:'s DA gallery, but here is a sample of what she's doing for BBA:

Frame 1 Page 18 by KayFedewa 

The next comic page (page 18) will be the first page to feature Naviira's environments. I think they work very well, and if you loved :iconfablepaint:'s work (who doesnt?), then you'll love Nav's as well.

Bullet; Yellow  Secondly, as we are transitioning to work with a new team member, we are still figuring out the pipeline and time frames. Previously, we have always uploaded every Monday. During this transition we will be continuing to upload Weekly - and will be shooting for Mondays, but there will likely be times, like this week, that we will be be uploading at a later day of the week.

I'm trying not to work myself or other team members too hard - we are all adults with full lives and responsibilities - so a "soft" deadline of Monday, with an acceptable upload range of a day within that week, will probably work best to avoid stress.

I hope you understand, and I thank you for your patience, understanding, and continued patronage - not only during this time but throughout my history of creating the BBA.

Hi all!
Just a brief notice that I've posted the BBA on a couple sites for better mobile viewing.
Hey guys - Im going to be active on twitter n stuff. Follow meeeeee! :)
a quick message, as I'm still traveling - I'm in Burbank with Fable. We attended the CTN Animation expo today and will be going again tommorrow if anyone else on DA is going to be there and wants to meet up for lunch. Hit me up!
Hey all! A couple updates I want to share:

Bullet; Green CONVENTION -  :iconfablepaint: and I will be attending Midwest Furfrest the first weekend in December in Illinois, if you want to come meet us! The convention homepage is and our facebook event page where we will be using to coordinate our location is at…  You should stop by and say hi, maybe commission a badge, then art jam with us in the evenings!

Bullet; Pink MERCH - At the convention I will be selling some bba items that I had made (lapel pins, charms, and posters). These will also be offered as rewards to Patrons (… ). I didn't order too many, because 1) Im broke and 2) I dont have a good read on demand yet, but if there are any leftover after the convention & giving them to backers, I'll put them online and post a link on DA so you can check em out.

Bullet; Yellow  COMIC - I hope you are enjoying the comic as much as I am enjoying making it. After I post page 13 on Monday, we are going to take a brief pause in uploading pages because I'm going to be doing some traveling next week. We may extend this no-upload break throughout the holidays to give us some time to just produce a bunch of pages, creating a "buffer" of premade pages that will allow us to continue with regular future updates without having to stop every time one of us goes on a trip/gets sick/etc. I'll keep you updated on that.

As I've always said over the years - I couldn't (and wouldn't) be doing any of this without your support. Thank you so very much for your interest in our humble wolf comic and for taking the time to read the above.
Take care!
:heart: -K
I don't know if anyone still uses Facebook, but I finally got around to making a page where you can follow the comic updates, as well as news relating to the BBA (merchandise announcements, convention meetups, etc)

It's at…

:iconfablepaint: also put their solo comic up on FB today. It's at
****This auction ends tonight!!*****

:iconfablepaint: and I want to do a commission together. :iconfablepaint: is the amazing environment artist who does the backgrounds for the BBA comic.

You pick your original character(s) (ONE OR TWO) that you want drawn, describe the scene idea and the type of environment, and we will work together to make it look like a frame from our comic. Can include dialogue/speech bubbles!

You are bidding on one fully rendered panel with 1-2 characters and background (optional speech bubbles/dialogue)

We have never offered this before and is a rare opportunity to own a collaborative piece from us!

bidding details:

Starting bid 60$ USD - (Paypal or Venmo only)

minimum bid increments of 10$

bidding starts HERE…

Auction Closes tomorrow 10/25/16 at 7pm EST

We will split payment 50/50.
Just want to link to the Roleplay forum I own. It's managed and moderated by some volunteers who have been putting a lot of work into it. Stop by and say hi!
Hey guys! I just wanted to tell you about a project :icondroemar: is doing that you may be interested in if, like me, you really dig animal stories!

It’s a novel called Mark of the Conifer, and it’s about DINOSAURS!

Right now it’s on Kickstarter, so she can raise the money to print the book!…

The book has over 100 full color illustrations, and you can get it in three formats: ebook, paperback, and hardcover. If you donate to the Kickstarter, there’s all kind of rewards: stickers, bookmarks, and dinosaur prints!

I’ve pledged to it because I've been super excited about this project for a long time. Go check it out!
hey all,
I've had a design for a shirt in my head for a while. I made a redbubble shop so I could print the shirt for myself. I think it's pretty funny though so in case any of you are interested, here's the link.…

Once the comic really gets going I think I'll do a few BBA shirts also.

Hope your summers are going great :)