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July 15, 2019
Chapter04Page09 by KayFedewa
Featured by DrZime
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Frame 2 is one of my favorites in the comic!

<<PREVIOUS: The Blackblood Alliance - Chapter 04: Page 08 by KayFedewa................NEXT:  The Blackblood Alliance - Chapter 04: Page 10 by KayFedewa
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writing, bubbling, character drawing by me
Bgs by Lindsay
flats by :iconadaxel:
redlines :icondiznits:
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SkywarriorUpham's avatar

Bloodspill: T R I G G E R E D

FuseCat's avatar

The 5th panel killed me XD

RenderedBishop's avatar

Looking back at this, Sun should have been like "Ladies please, your both hot okay? Let's cool down now" XD

spyrofuckingcynder's avatar

Then they both look at him like he's crazy. Lol.

RenderedBishop's avatar

They likely would, haha. Give it some time though and maybe Swift might just look at him in a whole different way, lol. No one can resist the bro wolf forever XD

spyrofuckingcynder's avatar

That'd be interesting. ^^

4everhound's avatar
xCosmicGhostx's avatar
Lmao how accurate that face is 🤣
G3N3515H3R0's avatar
Ah yes, I can see that Blood is more durable than Senator Armstrong
whispertruth's avatar
start of comic -  The Blackblood Alliance - Page 1 by KayFedewa
VIPkittenz's avatar
Omg this is hysterical
supernat21's avatar
Oh lol my bad you did make more well I’m going to read them now great work
supernat21's avatar
Ooo interesting please make another one 😁 and I love the style grats on dd
Hexacube000's avatar
That is the angriest face I’ve ever seen, props to you, you’ve been nominated for the award of best facial expression
LindArtz's avatar

Very nicely done!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)!

For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz

KayFedewa's avatar
hi Lind,
thank you - I don't know where to see what submission of mine got a DD. do you know where to see that? 
LindArtz's avatar
... and here's the link to the entire day's DD's..…
LindArtz's avatar
It's this one :)! (Chapter04Page09 )
Chapter04Page09 by KayFedewa
pmc202's avatar
This is some amazing 😉 work 
Tika-estudio's avatar
Oooouuuf! This is really good! I'm so in love with this comic, I was already in love but now it's gotten worse!... Take care of yourself, we wish you the better! And thank you for this work of art that is BBA!!
Topaz-cat1234's avatar
yesyesyes!! I can't wait for the next page! Your art in this comic is outstanding. Really Love 
Sanluris's avatar
“Excuse me. I am not a princess. I am the QUEEN, baby!”
GrumpyPugs's avatar
I hate to be the one to say it, but we may have to face the possibility that Kay might not be alive any more.
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