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BBA novel - pg24

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Loverrrrlllyy Backgrounds by our resident superstar :iconesda06:. As ALWAYS she does a geat job on every page. So big thanks to her for that :heart:
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doggokittyHobbyist Digital Artist
"Bloodspill, that's no way to treat a pup! You know better! And I know your name starts with Blood, but honestly, let's not jump to conclusions like that. 'Okay Bloody honey? Just get to know them and they won't be so bad after all! :)

P.S I obviously know she will not listen because she is just a character.
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She was so mean to these pups no respect
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jolliapplegirlHobbyist Digital Artist
I love this runt. He is ballsy for interrogating Swiftkill this long.
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swirlieeStudent General Artist
there is a real book for this?
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RainaCrystalStarProfessional Digital Artist
Your comic is amazing i love this one very much!!!!!
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SaltySamSammichHobbyist General Artist
that last panel XDD
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CheeseyBee1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG I love Bloodspill! :D
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DiznitsHobbyist General Artist
Blaise is literally the best character in this comic, please hand the rest of the story over to him, clearly he should be the focus.

Seriously! He brings up the greatest point in this whole story: why DIDN'T they just stay there and refuse to leave until they were allowed to plead their case? If they're so much stronger, it's not like the pack could have forced them to leave. The Blackbloods wouldn't have even had to turn to killing them if a fight started, they could probably capable of defending themselves against any acts of violence without horribly wounding the other wolves. I'm sure there still would have been consequence for, let's face it, the murder of the pups, but since Swiftkill was obviously so favoured by the alphas and had a pretty close relationship with them, one would think they'd notice that Swiftkill literally had no reason to kill their children. None. There was nothing she could have gained from killing the kids, and what the fuck did Rapier think her infant brothers would do to her alpha position? Why didn't she just direct her shit entirely at Swiftkill- the only competition she has- and avoid the unnecessary complexity of depending on Swiftkill's "Fury" to take control and hope she just HAPPENS to kill the pups in her rage? She's kind of a moron for thinking all of that was efficient in any way (though a few of the wolves in this comic are idiots, I will admit- particularly the alphas and, yes, I'm still looking at you, Rapier, who also seems to think it's a fantastic idea to expose her evil plan to everyone within ten miles of the den, but I digress).

If anything, you would think that the Fury, an extremely violent and dangerous instinct, would be seen as something that preeeetty important to teach to these wolves to cope with. Maybe at least MENTION it to them???? Why did anyone think it was a good idea to ignore that?
Why are Whiterun and Greyback in charge again??? The sabres should just kill Whiterun too and hope that the next alphas will be less mentally incapable.

Blaise, it's all you, buddy. You're the one to change the fate of Inaria. You are the Chosen One.

((Also, side note to Kay, I just want to say that I mean this as absolutely nothing against you, and as I've told you before, I have high hopes for your reboot of this comic and to see how your storytelling has improved since these pages. I just wanted to leave some thoughts on Swiftkill's story and give a much-needed shoutout to Blaise for being amazing. Though I was dry and sarcastic , I do so without malice... well... maybe some at Swiftkill, Rapier, and the alphas ;)... but nonetheless, please don't take this criticism too close to heart! I can see how it could sting for certain people, so I figure I would just say this as reassurance of some kind??? Just in case!))
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I know this comment is old, but still, the Blackbloods staying there would not have done crap. Whitewind was not going to listen. She gave the sentence and was not budging. This is addressed in the story.
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I'm gonna make a fanfic starring Blaise now. :D (Though I always thought Blaise was a girl so she's a girl in it but...still good. XD)
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HuskyGangAndWolfStudent Digital Artist
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HuskyGangAndWolfStudent Digital Artist
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I love Bloodspill's face in the second last box :3
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Username-91Hobbyist Filmographer
Better shut up and get out of this territory.
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but SWIFTKILL!?! (eyes glowing, face growling) oh s**t time to GET THE HELL OUTA HERE.
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oHmega14Hobbyist General Artist
I like Bloodspill <3
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Is BloodSpill a girl?
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BloodswiftStudent Digital Artist
Yes. Bloodspill's a girl. She is Swiftkill's younger sister.
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Oh I see, thanks for that, I was a little confused...
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BloodswiftStudent Digital Artist
You're welcomies! :D
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CarnationRoseHobbyist Digital Artist
I love Bloodspill, best personality ever XD
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360popupStudent Artist
Man,knowing me,I would have murdered theme;P
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360popupStudent Artist
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StarWolfMystic Photographer
I like in the first panel,Bloodspill's like"Those bastards still here?"
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