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BBA graphic Novel -pg 22

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BGS by :iconesda06:
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Just what was goin through my head XD
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"Why must you destroy the things I love"
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I understand that Whitewind had just lost her children, had her daughter attacked, and it was all done by someone she trusted so dearly. And it is understandable that in the moment, she would make an impulsive decision to banish them. Surely, she'll think about it and maybe some time later reconsider her choices? Yet, years later, she still believes what happened was exactly how it seemed, still calls the Elites Blackbloods, and thinks she can just get them back just like that? It was for this reason that Whitewind was never one of my favorite characters.
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I never was sure if Swift killed the pups or not. She had blood around her mouth, but so did Rapier. Considering her behavior towards her pup siblings, I wouldn't be surprised if she had actually been the one to kill them.
Hey, I got a warning on Page 19 of this comic about Malware having infected the page. I wasn't sure if it was real or not, but I thought I should mention it.
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I know this comment is old, but I agree.

~ Tass
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I wonder if we'll ever find out. It seems like the BBA has a new storyline. I don't know if it'll end up at this point.
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Kay Fedewa canceled the comic book due to some idiots on dA who spammed her with death threats and claiming how she stole the idea from Japanese cartoon series. His name is Werebereus. or something like that, he is the one who the one who starts all this. Thanks to him, the old concept is disbanded. Not to mention how he told me to die for supporting this artist.

I know this comment is old, but I had to say this. As of that Malware notification, you can give thanks to the one who reports her website to the Avast Company. It looks like his mission was to destroy the comic book and enforces Kay Fedewa and Esda06 to cancel it.

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Oh wow. What a jerk. Poor Kay. I'm also sorry to hear he said that to you.
I think that most comics that involve wolves will seem similar in one way or another. I guess people are just way too defensive about having certain ideas. When people make death threats, they're probably just losers. I doubt Kay stole anything. :(
Anyway, thanks for letting me know. At least Kay is still doing what she wants to...
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This site is so dead and lifeless; I feel like I'm in a city of ghosts. Deviantart needs to enforce etiquette policy or this site is going to fall apart.
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What's the name of the she wolf that said " release the captain"
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Tikiya, its a cameo character
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who is the one that says "release the captain"'

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Tikiya, guest.
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god...give swiftkill a chance to speek!! :icongrrrrrplz:
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white wind should let swift kill speak sigh ripter (spelled it wrong srry) is such a lier
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The wolf in the forth panel that says "release the captain!" whats her name?
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Wow the blackbloods are huge 0.0
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She really Pissed off.
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Wow I love it.
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Bloodspill is such a beautiful wolf. I love her design :)
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I've read the comments here and people all against Whitewind just don't seem to get that Whitewind was a mother who came home and found her babies SLAUGHTERED. She obviously didn't know what was going on before she got there. And she loves and trusts her daughter, of course she's going to believe her over Swiftkill. Sheesh.
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