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BBA graphic Novel - pg 11

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[link] is where the comic is for sale

BGS by :iconesda06:
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dakotazacherlHobbyist Artist
Oh? Any second now.......
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.:do not dare again:. by MandyGuardian  She took this image and claimed it to be inspiration when it's just a rip off of your artwork. 
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apprently they used a base made from this comic
Wolf Base 2 by SunnyBases  which is credited and a LOT of ppl have used it
sigh dang
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Doesn't change the fact she did originally steal artwork from Natsuakai and disabled the comments when she was caught. Base or not hse should have credited it at the time which she hadn't. 
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true i just wanted to tell u about the base as well
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RangerMaddieAltman8Student Digital Artist
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CoughCoffCouchHobbyist General Artist
All these haters... they clearly have nothing better to do than blindly spew rotten fish everywhere.

I'm pretty sure they can't do anything close to this quality (I know I can't) it's just jealousy and that means your doing very well

Let's all laugh about how the haters are making this comics image look better and that they really don't have much of a life.

One last thing: constructive criticism is the best you can do to help people if you have any queries or spotted anything to improve on :) hate can hurt so please, encourage the people being hated on and don't fuel the haters tank by responding to what they say ( I know it's extremely hard)

Have a brilliant day everyone :3
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The new Donald Trump :D
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Hail fuehrer Raipier.
When der fuehrer says we is de master race
We heil heil right in der fueher's face
Not to love der fuehrer is a great disgrace
So we heil heil right in der fuehrer's face
When Herr Goebbels says we own the world and space
We heil heil right in Herr Goebbels' face
When Herr Goring says they'll never bomb this place
We heil heil right in Herr Goring's face
Is we not he supermen Aryan pure supermen
Ja we are the supermen (super duper supermen)
Is this Nazi land so good
Would you leave it if you could
Ja this Nazi land is good
We would leave it if we could
We bring the world new order
Heil Raipier's world to order
Everyone of foreign race
Will love der fuehrer's face
When we bring to the world disorder
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SOMEONE COPYED SWIFTKILL >:S i know it cuz i saw the SAME wolf colored different!
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TasiraVVolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome work!!! *-* I love your style  :D
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DragonDragooHobbyist Digital Artist
Woah, woah wait, Switkills a girl? I thought she was a guy!
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BlackRose11AHobbyist Writer
i know how you feel i just can't tell any more
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DragonDragooHobbyist Digital Artist
Hehe, really? I thought I was the only who couldn't tell. 
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ThisAwesomeWolfStudent Artist
Such a bitch.
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ThisAwesomeWolfStudent Artist
Swifty is awesome :c
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RaidioactiveVampyHobbyist General Artist
Oh, so that's where that's from. fav.me/d72cji6
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Cammi0Hobbyist Digital Artist
I actually like this. I mean, just ignore hate comments, that's what I do.
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Username-91Hobbyist Filmographer
I do the same thing too. I'm tired of buttthurt comments. It was fun at the beginning, but now it's boring and stressful.
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GlassBottleDemonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Your background work is really good!
The art in this is actually really good, I'm not sure why there's so much drama in the comments about it.....
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RoboponyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Someone called the plot generic.
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