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BBA graphic Novel Pg 9 Redux

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© 2007 - 2020 KayFedewa
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bgs by :iconesda06:

Comic available for purchase on my website ^^
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kagetora4everHobbyist General Artist
Just wondering if you've seen this
BBA Lineart 17
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WilderWhine Digital Artist
ahh swiftkill such a strong character
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Username-91Hobbyist Filmographer
And the story began.
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XxMaximumRide14xXStudent General Artist
This is amazing do far!!! I love it o3o :icongoodjobplz: :iconloveloveplz:
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LittleGirl2204Hobbyist Photographer
I like the backgrawnd
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AngelWolves1Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, yeah! I needed to ask u something, Kay. To u draw the characters, then Erin just randomly paints the backgrounds? Or do u tell her what to paint? Please tell me, cause I have a friend who loves to paint, and maybe when my drawing improves, and her painting skills improve, we can make a comic together! Thanks! :) oh, and Riptide reminds me of my brother! Lol. And ~TimeToFightManga, there's nothing wrong with Nightrun's eye. That's part of her eye marking showing, not her whole eye marking showing. I LOVE U, KAY FEDEWA!!
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AngelWolves1Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Glares at ~SparklesfortheWIN* its NOT crappy! Kay Fedewa is the best drawer... I bet.. IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! I love flashbacks, and I absolutely LOVE Swiftkill!! For all I know, (and maybe u, too!) Kay can draw 100 percent better than you can!!!!!!!! She goes through WEEKS and WEEKS of trying to draw just one page for us!! More work than u do!! (Oh yea, and don't smart alec on me that I have nothing up on my pro, and because of that I'm a horrible drawer. Ppl LOVE to look at my drawings. The reason why I don't have anything up is because I don't know how to) (oh yea, extremely late to saying this to u. :p ) hey, Kay, I was wondering if you could do a drawing tutorial for me? Oh, yes, and I draw without doing all those circles and shapes and lines, cause it just confuses me, an my drawings end up crappy as hell. I always start off with the ears. Oh, yeah, I'm having a hard time trying to figure out my Spirit Wolf Form and my Regular Wolf Form, so I'm just trying to figure out my Red Wolf Form. Um, is it okay if I use Swiftkill as my Red Wolf Form? I'll give all credit to you. Please? Thanks! :)
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OHHHHH Nightrun Best Wolf In The Comic I Do Like Swifty Tho I Created Nightrun On FeralHeart xD
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Look at nightruns eye in the 4th pannel
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ok, let me just say something to u, u need to quite being mean to her. You don't have any art on your account and your only fav. is a picture by her!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yo im buying the comic but u finish it )= i dont want to buy a comic that does not have and ending!!
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The goldish one looks so sweet :meow: The way you draw the enivroment is so realistic O_O I adore it :3
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omg crappy flash back tiem lolz
TimberWolf101's avatar
quite being mean to her! i bet she can draw like a million times better than u can!!!!
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Username-91Hobbyist Filmographer
Idiot. And a spammer! Get a life will you?
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argh!! swifty seems so happy!
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Very humanoid expresions, but i guess it can't be helped >^^<'
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Now I am sure she is called Swiftkill.
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wolf01604Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow lol im confused who is a boy or a girl lol
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SpiritInTheRainHobbyist Filmographer
hers wat i know. Blodspill and Swiftkill are sises (sisters)
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These drawings are so beautiful! If I could draw wolves and backgrounds half as good at you guys, I'd die happy.
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is swiftkill a girl?
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