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Bootiful BGs by the lovely :iconesda06:
Go drool over her arts!!!

Everything else by boring ol me :)

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FluffyStHobbyist General Artist
wooow...How about actsually getting ready before mate choosing? EARN IT MAYBE?THIS was nature's true plan. To help,NOT hurt. "sigh" The blindness
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CoughCoffCouchHobbyist General Artist
*rolls on the ground waving fists*
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Username-91Hobbyist Filmographer
Ouch. That was hurt!
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LittleGirl2204Hobbyist Photographer
Im in love with your art
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AngelWolves1Hobbyist Digital Artist
OHMIGOD!!!!!!! XD!! I can't take it anymore!!!!!! All the drawings r AWESOME!!!!! ... ~StarWolfMystic, that's the dumbest question I've ever heard! Lower wolves never ever get mates, only the Alphas do, and maybe the smartest and oldest of their children. Having a mate or a friend is all that a wolf could wish for! Having a friend is like having a whole pack, and having a mate, even better. Read about wolves! Read the Wolf Almanac. I got it for Christmas. Then maybe you'll understand why Maro said that. And Elite Guards have a higher rank and get more respect than other wolves, despite being among unsure wolves who r suspicious. And I heard that Swiftkill has a mate later on, and Bloodspill has a child named Reicher. I think Blade got her pregnant! O.O and Swiftkill's Mom is a Elite Guard, and like Swiftkill said, her Father was Captain of them. Oh, I love how Kay has planned every little bit out, even not-so-important information!! I could probably get tips from her! Yay!
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thats not nice to say that to Starwolfmystic~.
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AngelWolves1Hobbyist Digital Artist
I commented that TWO YEARS AGO when I didn't have a self-conscious, so why are you bringing it up now? ._.
blueyokittyisawsome's avatar
becuz its mean. DUDE, chill.
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AngelWolves1Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uh, I'm perfectly calm. As I said, I didn't have a self-conscious back then, but I do now. I probably wouldn't have even commented at all now.
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DiznitsHobbyist General Artist
and four years later this comment string reminds me of when i stumble across my old comments from 12-year-old me and on all levels including physical i cringe
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AngelWolves1Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL same! XD There are conversations between old/ex-friends and I that I want to read back on but knowing how cringe I was at 12-15, I can't stomach doing it XD
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DiznitsHobbyist General Artist
i actually have all of my shit still up, so if someone wanted to they could just dig it all up and do dramatic reads of all of my comments
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StarWolfMystic Photographer
looks like Balto xD
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StarWolfMystic Photographer
WHo would fight someone to the death over sex?Is it that hard for them to control themselves..?

make a wish: [link]

Join today!
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Haha, I know right x3 That wolf must really want to... ;P
GANGSTA-WOLFHobbyist Digital Artist
-.0 lol dats what happened
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SpikeOfShadowsHobbyist Digital Artist
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SilvermoonwolfkaalaHobbyist Digital Artist
Poor Maro. I know his ideas are cruel, but I honestly think he's actually cute. :aww:
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Lol MY EYE!!! AHHH! baby... X3
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You're giving me cilffhangers because of the last line in the previous page :(
Though, awesome page as always :la:
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FearsABlackHobbyist General Artist
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LOL!!! You see Maro in the background: "MY EYE!!!!!!"
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